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Composite materials and their design, analysis and performance are discussed in this collection of titles from DEStech Publications.

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Edited by: Clive Woodley and Ian Cullis, QinetiQ, U.K.

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Asphalt Paving Technology 2015

Edited by: Eugene Skok, Ph.D.

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Joining Composites with Adhesives

Edited by: Magd Abdel Wahab, Ph.D., Professor and Chair Applied Mechanics, Ghent University

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Structural Health Monitoring 2015

Edited by Fu-Kuo Chang and Fotis Kopsaftopoulos, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University

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Chemistry, Materials, and Properties of Surface Coatings

Güngör Gündüz, Ph.D., Middle East Technical University, Turkey

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Response of Structures under Extreme Loading (PROTECT 2015)

Edited by: Venkatesh K.R. Kodur, Michigan State University, USA and Nemkumar Banthia, University of British Columbia, Canada

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Metal Matrix Syntactic Foams

Edited by:
Nikhil Gupta, New York University, Polytechnic School of Engineering
Pradeep K. Rohatgi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Adhesion Science

Steven Abbott, Ph.D.

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A Guide to Modeling Thermoplastic Composite Manufacturing Processes

Corey Lynam, P. Eng., Master of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia
Abbas S. Milani, P. Eng., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia


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Sustainable Composites

Anil N. Netravali, Professor of Fiber Science, Cornell UniversityChristopher M. Pastore, Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies, Philadelphia University

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Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Composites 2014

Edited by: Reza Vaziri, The University of British Columbia, Asami Nakai, Gifu University, Bryn Crawford, Univ. of British Columbia, Mehdi Hojjati, Concordia University, Tatsuro Kosaka, Kochi University of Technology and Suong Hoa, Concordia University

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Composite materials and their design, analysis and performance are discussed in this collection of titles from DEStech Publications.

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