Asphalt Paving Technology 2015

Volume 84, Journal of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists

Edited by: Eugene Skok, Ph.D.

©2016, 754 pages, 6×9, Hardcover w/CD

ISBN: 978-1-60595-294-9

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  • Recent research on asphalt binder aging and rejuvenators
  • Key data on asphalt performance and formulations
  • Updates on tests and specifications
  • Fully-searchable text on CD-ROM (included)

This series volume comprises research papers and technical reports developed within the U.S.-based Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists. The book is divided into sessions focused on technology, specifications, cold recycling of RAP, and rejuvenators, with special emphasis on aging and on how rejuvenators are modeled, formulated and used to improve asphalt binders and prevent cracking.

The CD-ROM displays figures and illustrations in articles in full color along with a title screen and main menu screen. Each user can link to all papers from the Table of Contents and Author Index and also link to papers and front matter by using the global bookmarks which allow navigation of the entire CD-ROM from every article. Search features on the CD-ROM can be by full text including all key words, article title, author name, and session title. The CD-ROM has Autorun feature for Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 or higher products along with the program for Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search 11.0. One year of technical support is included with your purchase of this product.

Technical Sessions

  • Aging and Rejuvenators: Evaluating Their Impact on High RAP Mixtures Fatigue Cracking Characteristics Using Advanced Mechanistic Models and Testing Methods

Walaa S. Mogawer, Alexander Austerman, Reynaldo Roque, Shane Underwood, Louay Mohammad and Jian Zou

  • A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Fatigue Behavior of Plant-Produced RAP Mixtures

Mohammadreza Sabouri, Thomas Bennert, Jo Sias Daniel and Y. Richard Kim

  • Effect of Mineral Filler on Changes in Molecular Size Distribution of Asphalts during Oxidative Aging

Raquel Moraes and Hussain U. Bahia

  • Influence of Asphalt Binder Oxidative Aging on Critical Thermal Cracking Characteristics of Asphalt Mixtures

Mohammad Zia Alavi, Nathan E. Morian, Elie Y. Hajj and Peter E. Sebaaly

  • Quantification of Biasing Effects during Fatigue Tests on Asphalt Mixes: Non-Linearity, Self-Heating and Thixotropy

S. Mangiafico, C. Sauzeat, H. Di Benedetto, S. Pouget, F. Olard and L. Planque

  • Adaptation and Validation of Stochastic Limiting Strain Distribution and Fatigue Ratio Concepts for Perpetual Pavement Design

Mary M. Robbins, Nam H. Tran, David H. Timm and J. Richard Willis

  • Evaluation of Strain Relieving Interlayer to Retard Thermally-Induced Reflective Cracking

Hao Yin and Charles Ishee

  • Comparison of Laboratory Cracking Test Results and Field Performance

Wangyu Ma, Nam H. Tran, Adam J. Taylor, J. Richard Willis and Mary M. Robbins

  • Unified Failure Criterion for Asphalt Binder under Cyclic Fatigue Loading

Chao Wang, Cassie Castorena, Jinxi Zhang and Y. Richard Kim

  • Modifying Laboratory Mixture Design to Improve Field Compaction

Ali Hekmatfar, Ayesha Shah, Gerald Huber, Rebecca Mcdaniel and John E. Haddock

  • Short-Term Aging of Asphalt Mixtures

Fan Yin, Amy Epps Martin, Edith Arambula and David E. Newcomb

  • A Simplified Performance-Based Specification for Asphalt Pavements

Minkyum Kim, Louay N. Mohammad, Harshavardhan Challa and Mostafa A. Elseifi

  • Effect of Mixing Sequence on the Workability and Performance of Asphalt Mixtures

Ebrahim Hesami, Bjorn Birgisson and Niki Kringos

  • Development of an Image-Based Multi-Scale Finite Element Approach to Predict Mechanical Response of Asphalt Mixtures

Amir Arshadi and Hussain Bahia

  • Exploring Low Temperature Performance in Black Space

David J. Mensching, Geoffrey M. Rowe, Jo Sias Daniel and Thomas Bennert

  • Evaluation of Dynamic Modulus in Asphalt Paving Mixtures Utilizing Small-Scale Specimen Geometries

Benjamin F. Bowers, Brian K. Diefenderfer and Stacey D. Diefenderfer

  • Improved Hirsch Model for Estimating the Modulus of Hot Mix Asphalt

Donald W. Christensen and Ramon Bonaquist

  • Binder Composition and Intermediate Temperature Cracking Performance of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Recycled Asphalt Shingles

Samuel B. Cooper, Jr., Ioan Negulescu, Sreelatha S. Balamurugan, Louay Mohammad and William H. Daly

  • Cyclic Loading Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Mixture Using Disk-Shaped Compact Tension (DC(T)) Test and Released Energy Approach

Chaiwat Na Chiangmai and William G. Buttlar


  • Implementing Specifications for New Technologies

Gale Page, Steve Davis, Russ A. Bentsen, Nathan Morian and Chris Abadie


  • Cold Recycling of RAP

Benjamin Bowers, Eshan Dave, Todd Thomas, Vincent Gaudefroy and Everett Crews

  • An Agency Perspective on In-Place Pavement Recycling

Brian K. Diefenderfer and Benjamin F. Bowers


  • Rejuvenators

Steve Escobar, Colin Durante, Louay Mohammad and Bob Frank

  • Rejuvenator Characterization, Blend Characteristics, and Proposed Mix Design Method

Fujie Zhou, Soohyok Im, David Morton, Robert Lee, Sheng Hu and Tom Scullion

  • Investigating the Aging Mitigation Capabilities of Rejuvenators in High RAP Mixtures Using Black Space Diagrams, Binder Rheology and Mixture Tests

Walaa S. Mogawer, Thomas Bennert, Alexander Austerman and Christopher Ericson

List of Award Winners
List of Past Presidents and Life Members
Index of Contributors and Discussors


In addition to the papers listed above, the following items are also included in the CD

  • AAPT List of Members
  • Presentations of Papers Presented at 2015 Annual Meeting
  • 2015 Annual Meeting Pictures

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