Ferroelectric Devices & Piezoelectric Actuators

Research Misconceptions and Rectifications

Kenji Uchino, M.B.A., Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and International Center for Actuators and Transducers, The Pennsylvania State University

ISBN: 978-1-60595-312-0, ©2017, 244 pages, 6×9, Softcover




  • Principles and best practices for improved understanding and design of piezoelectrics
  • New problems and solutions for ferroelectrics’ design, fabrication and applications

This volume investigates basic principles and shared understandings regarding the materials and properties of piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics, including concepts such ionic displacement and strain, transmission coefficient, constraint-dependency of piezo materials’ properties, mechanical impedance matching, resonance/anti-resonance and more. The author demonstrates how misguided or false versions of these and similar ideas and formulas negatively influence research, instruction and design. At the same time, Uchino, an acknowledged worldwide expert in piezoelectric R&D, provides ways to correct such faulty approaches, and in so doing offers a practical synopsis of methods and formulas for producing a wide array of electroactive and electronic materials.

The second part of the book contains problems and solutions in the area of ferroelectric devices, including problems associated with the design and performance of dielectrics, memory devices, electro-optic, pyroelectric devices and more.




Strain versus Ionic Displacement (Question 1)

Efficiency (Question 2)

Energy Transmission Coefficient (Question 3)

Constraint-Dependency of Piezo-Properties (Question 4)

Mechanical Impedance Matching (Question 5)

Piezoelectric Damping Mechanism (Question 6)

Resonance and Antiresonance Modes (Question 7)

Resonance and Antiresonance Modes: Efficiency (Question 8)

Best-Selling Devices (Question 9)

System Design Principle (Question 10)





Chapter 1. General View of Ferroelectrics

1.1. Essentials

1.2. Check Point

1.3. Problems

1.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

1.5. References


Chapter 2. Mathematical Treatment of Ferroelectrics

2.1. Essentials

2.2. Check Point

2.3. Problems

2.4. Answers to Check Point Questions


Chapter 3. Designing with Materials and Devices, and Fabrication Processes

3.1. Essentials

3.2. Check Point

3.3. Problems

3.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

3.5. Reference


Chapter 4. High Permittivity Dielectrics

4.1. Essentials

4.2. Check Point

4.3. Problems

4.4. Answers to Check Point Questions


Chapter 5. Ferroelectric Memory Devices

5.1. Essentials

5.2. Check Point

5.3. Problems

5.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

5.5. Reference


Chapter 6. Pyroelectric Devices

6.1. Essentials

6.2. Check Point

6.3. Problems

6.4. Answers to Check Point Questions


Chapter 7. Piezoelectric Devices

7.1. Essentials

7.2. Check Point

7.3. Problems

7.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

7.5. Reference


Chapter 8. Electro-Optic Devices

8.1. Essentials

8.2. Check Point

8.3. Problems

8.4. Answers to Check Point Questions


Chapter 9. PTC Materials

9.1. Essentials

9.2. Check Point

9.3. Problems

9.4. Answers to Check Point Questions


Chapter 10. Composite Materials

10.1. Essentials

10.2. Check Point

10.3. Problems

10.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

10.5. Reference


Chapter 11. Future of Ferroelectric Devices

11.1. Essentials

11.2. Check Point

11.3. Problems

11.4. Answers to Check Point Questions

11.5. Reference



  1. :

    The new text book entitled “Ferroelectric Devices & Piezoelectric Actuators” by Kenji Uchino, professor of Electrical Engineering, the Pennsylvania State University is the most comprehensive and informative book dealing with the fundamental concepts and the application of ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials that I have come across in this field. The book definitely would be a great text book for not only senior level or graduate students, but also expert researchers/professors who are teaching ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics in a university. In addition, this book can be a ‘solutions book’ for his another textbook ‘Ferroelectric Devices 2nd edition’ widely used for university courses currently, since the full answers of the questions inquired in that book is provided in this new book.
    The book especially addresses in a concise manner what students and even expert researchers/professors have misconceptions in fundamentals of ferroelectrics/piezoelectrics those are barely found in any other literatures. Prof. Uchino attempts to describe proper rectification in full depth to correct the misconceptions in this book. Though there are huge progress in the ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials and their devices in these days, many of student/researchers/professors have improper concept of basic physical phenomena and models. I believe that the book can be an ideal reference literature for them as it contains a lot of physical meaning of the models and equations, supporting explanations based on the practical devices, critical questions we can meet in real situation and fully supported correct answers, and will enrich their knowledge of the subject and may even stimulate his own inventiveness.
    I highly recommend this book for those who are interested in studying the fundamentals of ferroelectric/piezoelectric materials and various related devices.
    –Jungho Ryu, Ph.D.
    Functional Ceramics Group
    Korea Institute of Materials Science

Ferroelectric Devices & Piezoelectric Actuators (Entire eBook)
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Chapter 1: General View of Ferroelectrics
Chapter 2: Mathematical Treatment of Ferroelectrics
Chapter 3: Designing with Materials and Devices, and Fabrication Processes
Chapter 4: High Permittivity Dielectrics
Chapter 5: Ferroelectric Memory Devices
Chapter 6: Pyroelectric Devices
Chapter 7: Piezoelectric Devices
Chapter 8: Electro-Optic Devices
Chapter 9: PTC Materials
Chapter 10: Composite Materials
Chapter 11: Future of Ferroelectric Devices

ISBN: 978-1-60595-312-0, ©2017, 244 pages, 6×9, Softcover




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