Volume 5: Damage in Composites

Fifth volume in the American Society for Composites' Series on Advances in Composite Materials

Edited by: Bhavani V. Sankar, Ph.D., University of Florida

and Anthony M. Waas, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Managing Editor: Michael W. Hyer, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-089-1, ©2013, 296 pages, 6×9, SC

  • Damage mechanisms for FRP, woven and textile composites

Volume 5 of the ASC series on advanced composites contains original and path-breaking recent work on composite damage analysis, using empirical test methods and computational models. This book was developed by the editors as a complement to Volume 4 on failure in composite materials. These two volumes are a great resource to bring the reader up-to-date on failure and damage. The book represents the first appearance in print of research chosen by the editors for its ongoing influence on damage mechanics and originally presented at conferences of the American Society for Composites (ASC).

Series Preface

  • Effects of Friction, Geometry and Fixture Compliance on the Perceived Toughness from Three and Four Point Bend End Notched Flexure Tests

B. D. Davidson and X. Sun

  • Mode I Fracture Toughness of Advanced Polymers in a Cryotank Environment

M. M. Pavlick and W. S. Johnson

  • Discrete Spring Model for Predicting Delamination Growth in Z-Fiber Reinforced DCB Specimens

J. G. Ratcliffe and T. K. O’brien

  • Modeling of the Compressive Failure of Plain Weave Composites

C.-F. Yen, B. A. Cheeseman, C. P. R. Hoppel, B. A. Gama and J. W. Gillespie, Jr.

  • Numerical Simulation of the Improvement Characteristics of the Compression after Impact Strength of CFRP Laminates by Through the Thickness Stitching

Yoshimura, K. Bae and N. Takeda

  • Test Methods for Determining Temperature Dependent Material Properties and Residual Stress Modeling for Laminated Composites

L. Speriatu, W. Schulz and P. Ifju

  • A Direct Micromechanical Failure Analysis of Textile Composites

R. L. Karkkainen, B. V. Sankar and J. T. Tzeng

  • 3D Mixed-Mode Delamination Fracture Criteria—An Experimentalist’s Perspective

J. R. Reeder

  • Post-Peak Response of Braided Textile Composites under Compressive Loads

S. Song, A. M. Waas, K. W. Shahwan, X. Xiao and O. Faruque

  • Fracture Toughness of MDF and Other Materials with Fiber Bridging

N. Matsumoto and J. A. Nairn

  • FEM Modeling on Interfacial Debonding of Single Short Fiber Composite with Elasto-plastic Matrix

Y. Pan and A. A. Pelegri

  • Multiphysics Paths from Durability to Prognosis of Composite Structures

K. Reifsnider, P. Fazzino and P. Majumdar

  • The Trade-Off Between Damage and Strength: Why Weaker May Be Stronger

M. R. Wisnom

  • Thermo-oxidative Degradation in High Temperature Polymer Composites for Advanced Aircraft

S. Roy and S. Singh

  • Influence of Impact Damage on Carbon-Epoxy Stiffener Crippling

D. Jegley

  • Impact, Damage and Penetration Modeling of Thick-Section Composites Using LS-Dyna MAT162

A. Gama, T. A. Bogetti and J. W. Gillespie, Jr.

  • A Non-Local Approach to Simulation of Damage in Laminated Composites

A. Forghani, N. Zobeiry, R. Vaziri, A. Poursartip and F. Ellyin


ISBN: 978-1-60595-089-1, ©2013, 296 pages, 6×9, SC

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