Volume 4: Failure in Composites

Fourth volume in the American Society for Composites' Series on Advances in Composite Materials

Edited by: Anthony M. Waas, Ph.D., University of Michigan

and Bhavani V. Sankar, Ph.D., University of Florida

Managing Editor: Michael W. Hyer, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-088-4, ©2013, 273 pages, 6×9, SC

  • Failure mechanisms for plates, tubes, panels, noncircular cylinders, sandwich
  • Composite damage from projectile impact, crushing, torsion

The fourth volume of the ASC series on advanced composites contains critical information on static and dynamic composite failure and how it is predicted and modeled using novel computational methods and micromechanical analysis. The book represents a specially edited print version of research selected for its ongoing influence on composite failure mechanisms and originally presented at conferences of the American Society for Composites (ASC).

Series Preface

  • Analytical and Experimental Investigations of the Impact Response of Grid Stiffened E-Glass/Propylene (PP) Composite Panels

P. Jadhav, P. R. Mantena and R. F. Gibson

  • Crushing Performance of Braided Fabric FRP Under a New Collapse Trigger

Y. Yang, A. Nakai and H. Hamada

  • Torsion of Noncircular Composite Cylinders

W. T. Haynie, M. W. Hyer and M. Rouse

  • A Generalized Solution Methodology for Projectile Impact of Composite Plates and Sandwich Panels

C. Lin and M. S. Hoo Fatt

  • A Quasi-Static Penetration Model of Ballistic Penetration of Thick-Section Composites

B. A. Gama and J. W. Gillespie, Jr.

  • Designer Linear Viscoelastic Material Properties Tailored To Minimize Probabilistic Failures for Dynamic Composite Creep Buckling

H. H. Hilton

  • Dynamic Axial Crush Tests of Roll Wrapped Composite Tubes: Tube Geometry & Material Effects

L. Browne and N. L. Johnson

  • A Finite Element Analysis for Predicting Mode I-Dominated Delamination Growth in Laminated Structure with Through-Thickness Reinforcement

J. G. Ratcliffe and R. Krueger

  • Three-Dimensional Quadratic Failure Criteria for Thick Composites Using the Direct Micromechanics Method

Stamblewski, B. V. Sankar and D. Zenkert

  • Prediction of Low Velocity Impact Damage in a Composite Sandwich Using a Progressive Failure Methodology

J. Rome, P. Schubel and V. Goyal

  • Failure Analysis of Open-Hole Tension (OHT), Open-Hole Compression (OHC), and Pin-Loaded (Pl) Composite Laminates

T. E. Tay, G. Liu, F. Shen, V. B. C. Tan and H. E. Chua

  • Interfiber Failure Criteria for Composite Materials under Static and Dynamic Loading

M. Daniel, J.-M. Cho, B. T. Werner and J. S. Fenner

  • Free Edge Effects in Laminated Composites: 1976–2006

T. Herakovich

  • Formation and Relaxation of Facesheet Dent on Indented Foam Core Sandwich Beams

S. Minakuchi, T. Uezono and N. Takeda

  • The Strength of Double Strap Joint with Brittle and Ductile Adhesives

H. S. Roh and C. T. Sun

  • Reliability-Based Progressive Failure Analysis Method for Advanced Composite Structures

W. Ji, A. M. Waas and R. Raveendra

  • Impact and Compression after Impact Tests of a Carbon/Epoxy Composite

Y. Zhang, M. Genest, D. Backman, A. Johnston, A. Komus and M. Singh


ISBN: 978-1-60595-088-4, ©2013, 273 pages, 6×9, SC

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