Volume 3: Fatigue of Composite Materials

Third volume in the American Society for Composites' Series on Advances in Composite Materials

Edited by: Ronald F. Gibson, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Managing Editor: Michael W. Hyer

ISBN: 978-1-60595-085-3, ©2013, 234 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

  • Recent research on fatigue modeling, behavior and experimental characterization
  • A convenient source of important contributions by respected authors
  • Fatigue data for laminates, joints, thermoplastics, graphite epoxies, carbon nanotubes, elliptic springs and tidal turbines

This bound edition presents multiple investigations into various aspects of fatigue in composite materials and structures. This work is divided into three sections. The first section presents research into various aspects of fatigue modeling, including prediction of fatigue life, fatigue strength and fatigue crack growth rate. The second section deals primarily with experimental characterization of fatigue in composites, and the third section discusses fatigue behavior of full-scale composite structures.

This volume is the third in the American Society for Composites Series on Advances in Composite Materials under the general editorship of Michael Hyer of Virginia Tech. Contributions on fatigue selected for this volume and others in the series are versions of recent ASC presentations which until now were available only on CD-ROM. Keywords include: fatigue, fatigue behavior, fatigue life prediction, multidirectional composite laminates, fatigue modeling, multi-factor interaction model, probabilistic model, composite materials, fatigue life analysis, fatigue limit predictors, fatigue delamination and fatigue damage.

Series Preface


  • Probabilistic Fatigue Damage Modeling of Composite Laminates

Y. Liu and S. Mahadevan

  • Multi-functional Composite Fatigue

L. Minnetyan and C. C. Chamis

  • Probabilistic Simulation for Combined Cyclic Fatigue in Composites

C. C. Chamis

  • Total Fatigue Life Modeling for Composite Laminates Under Mode I Loading

K. Shivakumar, H. Chen and F. Abali

  • Development of a Benchmark Example for Delamination Fatigue Growth Prediction

    R. Krueger

  • Progressive Fatigue Damage Modeling in CFRP Laminates Using an ABAQUS UMAT Approach

R. Conway and X. Xiao

  • Fatigue Life Analysis of Composite Joints Using a Wearout Model

G. Li, G. Renaud and N. Bhatt

  • Modeling Fatigue Damage in Long-Fiber Thermoplastics

B. N. Nguyen, V. Kunc and S. K. Bapanapalli


  • The Influence of Fatigue Cracks on the Modal Vibration Response of Composite Sandwich Beams

B. O. Baba, R. F. Gibson and S. Soni

  • An Assessment of Fatigue Limit Predictors of Graphite/Epoxy Co-cured Composite Joints through Quasi-static Acoustic Emission Count Peaks

X. Tan and E. Armanios

  • Characterization of the Effects of Lay-up, Stress Level, and Stress Ratio on Fatigue Damage Development in Graphite Epoxies Using Radiography

J. D. Rast and W. S. Johnson

  • Effects of Notch Location and Fatigue Loading on the Stress Concentration and Reliability of Notched Laminates Based on Probabilistic Approach

K. Arumugam and R. Ganesan

  • Influence of Carbon Nanotubes on Fatigue Delamination Growth in Filament Wound Composites with Rigid and Flexible Matrix Materials

Y. Zhu, M.-J. Yoo, A. Sharma and C. E. Bakis


  • Failure Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction of a Composite Structural Beam

M. Hayes and J. J. Lesko

  • Stiffness and Fatigue Behavior of Composite Elliptic Springs

B. Fell and P. K. Mallick

  • A Numerical Fatigue Model for Application to Tidal Turbines

S. R. Hallett and P. W. Harper

ISBN: 978-1-60595-085-3, ©2013, 234 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

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