Waterborne Coatings Symposium 2014

Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium

Edited by: James W. Rawlins and Robson F. Storey, School of Polymers and High-performance Materials, University of Southern Mississippi

ISBN: 978-1-60595-165-2, ©2014, 470 pages, 8.5×11, Soft Cover

  • Advanced chemistries for improving coatings’ properties and performance
  • New technologies for additives, dispersants, pigments and multifunctional coatings

Continuing a series, the present volume comprises a selection of 31 original research papers from industry and academia on the chemistry and formulation of technical coatings, beginning with keynote discussions of the meaning of glass transition and POSS. The book offers guidance to performance improvements by chemical modification of additives, dispersants, and cross-linkers, as well as new approaches using nanomaterials, graphene, and polymer brush chemistry. Attention is given to VOC reduction, enhanced hiding capacity, weatherability, dispersion and more.


  • The World of Surface Coatings is Centered Around the Glass Transition Temperature, But Which One?

James W. Rawlins, Greg Curtzwiler, Mark Early, Diana Gottschalk, Christina Konecki, Robert Peterson and Steven Wand

  • All Good Things . . . Must Come to An End . . . Unless They’re Really Good, Like You Know, Chocolate or Something

Steve McDaniel, Beth McDaniel and Jon Hurt


  • Fully Optimizing Architectural Coatings to Maximize Applied Hiding

Tara L. Conley, David M. Fasano and Daniel A. Saucy

  • Polycarbodiimide Crosslinkers for Waterbased Coatings

Chandra Chinna

  • Use of Melamine in Ambient Cure 2K Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings

Ayumu Yokoyama, E. Houze, V. Petkovska, K. Adamsons, R. Saliya, B. Priore and G. Xu

  • Super Sticky Waterborne Primer

Peter Schmitt and Margaret Kendi


  • Assessment of the Role of Cocosulphosuccinate in Stabilization of Waterbased Concentrates of High Performance Organic Pigments

Nilesh P. Badgujar, H.V. Patil and R.D Kulkarni

  • Advancing Pigment Technologies for Waterborne and High-Solid Applications via High Molecular Weight Dispersants and CFRP

Brandon Achord, Matthias Maier, Clemens Auschra, Andreas Gernandt, Steffen Onclin, Ralf Knishka, Frank Pirrung and Elena Martinez

  • Specialty Additives for Waterborne Architectural Coatings

Charles R. Hegedus, Jeanine M. Snyder, K. Michael Peck, Richard P. Cuddeback and Rocky A. Prior

  • Instantaneous Interfacial Barrier Growth Stabilization of Water-in-Water Dispersions

Shannon A. Morrison and Anette Lork

  • Dispersing Options for Water-based Architectural Paints

Elizabeth Lowe

  • Incorporation of Fluoro-Silicones into Various Coating Films and the Resulting Properties

Robert Ruckle and Tom Seung-Tong Cheung

  • Continuation in the Innovation of Benzoate Technology for Coatings Applications

William D. Arendt, Emily L. McBride and Marianne Connor


  • Recent Advances in Anti-Microbial Powder Coating Technology

Kevin M. Biller

  • High Performance Powder Coatings

Steve Houston and Rodger Talbert


  • The Third Annual Sidney Lauren Memorial Lecture: From Evolution to Innovation

Christopher M. Howard, Jennifer R. Turner and Patrick J. Heraty, Jr.

  • Nanosizing in Coatings

Alex Lubnin

  • Application Reader Technology (ART): Measuring and Understanding Paint Roll Out Application Properties

K. Abe Vaynberg

  • VOC Compliance and Ultra-Weatherability: Using FEVE Resins to Meet Both Targets

Kristen L. Blankenship and Robert J. Parker

  • Novel Synthetic Methods for Bicyclic Coating Resin

Hui Yu

  • Modification of UV-Cured Thiol-ene Networks with Incompatible Moieties

James Goetz, Erik Wislinsky, Brian Greenhoe, Luke Kwisnek and Sergei Nazarenko

  • Tuning the Glass Transition Temperature and Energy Damping Capabilities of Thiol-ene Thermoset Networks

Daniel A. Savin, Olivia D. McNair, Andrew P. Janisse and Davis E. Brent

  • Versatile Brush Architectures for siRNA Delivery via Controlled Polymerization/Click Chemistry

Brooks Abel and Charles McCormick

  • Polyethylene-Graphene Nanoplatelet Multilayers: Controlled Interdiffusion for Enhancement of Gas and Fire Barrier Properties

Kevin Meyers, Jeremy Decker, Vander Breland, Matthew Herbert, David Schiraldi,
Donald R. Paul and Sergei Nazarenko

  • New, Low VOC, Enhancing Polysiloxane Technology

Daniel J. Mania

  • A New Approach to Estimate the Dynamic Gel Time/Temperature for Coating Applications

Richard Sudduth

  • Novel NISO-Based Crosslinkers for 2K Silyl-Polyurethanes and 1K Moisture Cure Coatings

Corey King, Hans Gorlitzer, Markus Hallack, Rainer Lomolder, Wiebke Stache and Tobias Unkelhauser

  • Polymer Residue Cleaning Method Development: Case Study

Dijana Hadziselimovic and Paul Lopolito

  • The Case for Two-Component Waterborne Polyurethane Coatings

Peter Schmitt, Kathy Allen and Joe Pierce

  • Accelerated Weathering Testing for the 21st Century

Jeffrey Quill and Sean Fowler

  • Polymer, Fiber, and Filler Formulation Effects upon Ready-to-Use (RTU) Grout

Daniel J. Mania

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ISBN: 978-1-60595-165-2, ©2014, 470 pages, 8.5×11, Soft Cover

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