Adhesion Science

Principles and Practice

Steven Abbott, Ph.D.

978-1-60595-178-2, ©2015, 328 pages, 6×9, Hardcover
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-60595-228-4

  • Explains the physics and chemistry of adhesion, surface preparation and tests
  • Presents new strategies for formulating superior strong, weak and pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Includes access to unique electronic apps that enable numerical modeling of adhesives


This technical bound book explains the basic principles of adhesion and shows how they are used to formulate and improve adhesives. The volume starts by laying out key physical and chemical concepts underlying adhesion and adhesives, including strong and weak bonds plus pressure-sensitive (PSA) across multiple polymer, metal and ceramic adherends. The ideas are expressed in clear and easily understood mathematical formulas that explain surface properties as well as “good” and “bad” adhesion, with the latter covering multiple types of adhesive failure. In this context, the book presents a detailed explanation of methods to predict, test and formulate adhesives and critically analyzes test results and traditionally accepted rules for adhesive formulation.

The eBook version includes online access to a unique set of applied computer programs or “apps” that automate a wide range of adhesive formulas and enable readers to input their own data and numerically model adhesion properties in conjunction with, or prior to, chemical compounding and empirical testing.
This volume constitutes a lucid and practical introduction to adhesion and adhesives appropriate for specialists at all levels.


Chapter 1. Some Basics
1.1. Measuring Adhesion
1.2. Adhesion Failure
1.3. Crack Propagation
1.4. True Adhesion

Chapter 2. The Myths around Surface Energy and Roughness
2.1. Proofs of the Importance of Surface Energy
2.2. Proofs of the Non-importance of Surface Energy
2.3. A More Nuanced View
2.4. Surface Preparation and the Roughness Myth
2.5. Beyond Surface Myths

Chapter 3. Intermingling and Entanglement
3.1. Beyond Pure Surfaces
3.2. Chemical Bonds
3.3. Desirable but Not Sufficient
3.4. Mc the Critical Entanglement MWt
3.5. Why Crosslinks are Nothing Special
3.6. NU and W0
3.7. The Molecular Level
3.8. Inhomogeneous Interfaces
3.9. Not Just the Interface
3.10. The Near-interface Region
3.11. Beyond Corona: Adhesibility
3.12. Adhesion
3.13. We Need Even More

Chapter 4. Time is the Same as Temperature
4.1. WLF or TTS
4.2. Rheology for All
4.3. Is Your Liquid a Solid?
4.4. Oscillations, Phases, Elastic and Plastic
4.5. Doing It By Numbers

Chapter 5. Strong Adhesion with a Weak Interface
5.1. Strength Through Weakness in Normal Adhesives
5.2. PSA
5.3. Hot-melt Adhesives
5.4. PSA as the Symbol of Dissipative Adhesion

Chapter 6. Formulating for Compatibility
6.1. Like Dissolves Like
6.2. The Three HSP
6.3. Measuring HSP
6.4. Using HSP in Adhesion
6.5. The HSP of Adhesion
6.6. Di-block Adhesion
6.7. HSP and Inorganic Primers
6.8. (In)Compatibility in PSA
6.9. It is All Very Well in Theory
6.10. Strengths and Limitations
6.11. Silicones and Fluoropolymers
6.12. Wetting
6.13. HSP for Resistance
6.14. Summary

Chapter 7. Measuring Adhesion: Perils and Pitfalls
7.1. The Heart of the Problem
7.2. The Peel Test
7.3. The Tape Test
7.4. Indentation and Scratch Tests
7.5. The Blister Test
7.6. Cut Test
7.7. Beam Tests
7.8. Fragmentation Test
7.9. Pulling Things Apart Directly
7.10. Lap Peel
7.11. The Locus of Failure
7.12. Strain
7.13. Impact Testing
7.14. The Perfect Measure of a PSA
7.15. Working with Weibull (or Not)
7.16. What About the Interface?
7.17. The Best Adhesion Test

Chapter 8. Putting Things into Practice
8.1. The Secret of Success
8.2. Think Outside the Bond
8.3. Problem Solving
8.4. Before You Formulate
8.5. Last Words


Adhesion Science (Entire eBook)
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Chapter 1: Some Basics
Chapter 2: The Myths around Surface Energy and Roughness
Chapter 3: Intermingling and Entanglement
Chapter 4: Time is the Same as Temperature
Chapter 5: Strong Adhesion with a Weak Interface
Chapter 6: Formulating for Compatibility
Chapter 7: Measuring Adhesion: Perils and Pitfalls
Chapter 8: Putting Things into Practice

978-1-60595-178-2, ©2015, 328 pages, 6×9, Hardcover
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-60595-228-4

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