Volume 1: Dynamic Effects in Composites

First volume in the American Society for Composites' Series on Advances in Composite Materials

Editor: Dahsin Liu, Michigan State University

Managing Editor: Michael W. Hyer

ISBN: 978-1-60595-072-3, ©2012, 306 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

  • High-impact, high-velocity and high-pressure testing, analysis and models
  • Fabrics, FRP, textiles, nanocomposites, sandwich plates, panels, crash boxes

This bound edition presents multiple investigations into dynamic loading’s effects on composite materials. With approaches ranging from weight drop to high-velocity and high-impact testing, as well as FEM and other analytic techniques, leading researchers explain damage, delamination and other effects in a variety of composites types and configurations. The latter include textiles, fabrics, laminates, self-healing laminates, sandwich panels, crash boxes and engine/turbine blades with applications in aerospace, automotive and energy. The volume is the first in the American Society for Composites Series on Advances in Composite Materials under the general editorship of Michael Hyer of Virginia Tech. Contributions on dynamic loading selected for this volume and others in the series are edited and updated versions of ASC presentations made during the past nine years and until now available only via CD-ROM. Keywords include: multi-parameter approach, performance characterization, electrified organic matrix, penetration modeling, ice impact, space debris, engine containment, self-healing CFRP, failure criteria, explosives, blast resistance, crush response.

Series Preface

  • A Multi-Parameter Approach to Impact Performance Characterization

Paolo Feraboli and Keith T. Kedward

  • Fracture in Glass/Epoxy Multilayers from Low-Velocity Impact

Herzl Chai and Guruswami Ravichandran

  • A Study of Impact Response of Electrified Organic Matrix Composites

R. L. Sierakowski, I. Y. Telichev and O. I. Zhupanska

  • Numerical Simulation of the Impact Resistance Improvement of CFRP Laminates Due to Through-the-Thickness Stitching

A. Yoshimura, T. Nakao and N. Takeda

  • Analytical and Experimental Investigations of the Impact Response of Grid Stiffened E-Glass/Polypropylene (PP) Composite Panels

Prakash Jadhav, P. Raju Mantena and Ronald F. Gibson

  • Modeling Nano-Particle Colloid/Fabric Composites

Z. Dong and C. T. Sun

  • Impact, Damage and Penetration Modeling of Thick-Section Composites using LS-Dyna MAT162

A. Gama, T. A. Bogetti and J. W. Gillespie, Jr.

  • Energy Loss Due to Transverse Plastic Deformation of Fibers in Textile Fabric Impact Processes

Yuyang Miao, Jian Yu, Youqi Wang, Chian-Fong Yen, Daniel Swenson
and Bryan Cheeseman

  • Critical Force Prediction of High Velocity Ice Impact onto Unidirectional Carbon/Epoxy Composite Panels

Jennifer Rhymer and Hyonny Kim

  • Application of a Meso-Scale Based Ballistic Fabric Model to the Development of Advanced Lightweight Engine Fan Blade-Out Containment Structure

A. Gakwaya, J-C Saint-Marc, D. Nandlall, A. Bouamoul and M.-L. Dano

  • Exploring Self Healing of CFRP Laminates Exposed to Hypervelocity Small Pellets Simulating Space Debris

B. AIssa, E. Haddad, K. Tagziria, W. Jamroz, M. Asgar-Khan, S. V. Hoa,
J. Verreault, A. Higgins and D. Therriault

  • Interfiber Failure Criteria for Composite Materials under Static and Dynamic Loading

M. Daniel, J.-M. Cho, B. T. Werner and J. S. Fenner

  • Compression Response of 3D Woven Composites Subjected to High Loading Rates

M. Pankow, A. M. Waas, C.-F. Yen and S. Ghiorse

  • Effect of Explosions on Sandwich Structures

Serge Abrate

  • Scaling Effect in Composite Plates Subjected to High-Pressure Waves

Guojing Li and Dahsin Liu

  • Dynamic Crush Response of RTM vs. Roll Wrapped Crash Boxes

L. Browne, N. J. Johnson and M. E. Botkin

  • Crush Behavior of Thin Composite Plates

S. T. Mane, G. Reyes and P. K. Mallick

  • Dynamics of Bistable Unsymmetric Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates

Grant A. Vogl and Michael W. Hyer

  • Vibration and Dynamic Response of Hybrid Wind Turbine Blades

Norimichi Nanami and Ozden O. Ochoa


ISBN: 978-1-60595-072-3, ©2012, 306 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

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