Painter and Coleman on Polymers Workbook

Paul C. Painter, Ph.D., Professor, Polymer Science, The Pennsylvania State University

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ISBN13: 978-1-932078-23-7B, 1-932078-23-1B, ©2004, 8.5 X 11, 96 pages, Spiral bound


  • Each chapter of the workbook corresponds to the chapters in Disk One
  • Each workbook chapter contains: Objectives, Reading Assignments and Study Guide, Self-Study Questions, Homework Assignments, and Suggestions for Further Reading.
  • The workbook contains solutions to all problems and homework assignments

Painter and Coleman on Polymers is a 2-CD-ROM set with supplemental Workbook that gives students and professionals the best features of a comprehensive introduction to polymers, along with animated movies, hundreds of interactive illustrations, and a fully interlinked glossary of polymer terms, equations, and formulas.

In two information-packed CD-ROMs and a bound workbook, Mike Coleman and Paul Painter present an elegant and entertaining interactive introduction to the science, chemistry, and terminology of polymers, together with their concrete applications in plastics technology.

Written in an accessible manner, the first CD, Polymer Science and Engineering, contains the essentials of a basic introduction to polymer science and chemistry-—plus the attractive learning advantages of an electronic format, which allows the reader to actually see how polymers are formed, how formulas relate to structure, and how terms and definitions are related. Published together with an optional workbook containing hundreds of solved problems, Polymer Science and Engineering constitutes a dynamic, progressive polymer science course for students and instructors from a range of engineering and chemistry disciplines.

For the same low price a second CD, The Incredible World of Polymers, provides a complete chronology of major milestones and discoveries in polymer science. The CD explains polymers through technical problems and the pioneering scientists who laid the foundation of plastics technology. Using many clever illustrations and examples, this document offers a thorough grounding in polymer properties-—from cellophane to hydrogels.

Polymer Science and Engineering–Workbook


1. Microstructure
2. Polymer Synthesis
3. Polymerization Kinetics
4. Probability, Statistics, and Molecular Weight
5. Copolymerization
6. Spectroscopy and the Characterization of Chain Structure
7. Structure and Morphology
8. Crystallization, Melting, and the Glass Transition
9. Polymer Solutions and Blends
10.Molecular Weight and Branching
11.Mechanical and Rheological Properties
12.Polymer Processing
Answers to Self-Study Questions

9781932078237B 1932078231B

ISBN13: 978-1-932078-23-7B, 1-932078-23-1B, ©2004, 8.5 X 11, 96 pages, Spiral bound


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