Miscible Polymer Blends

Background and Guide for Calculations and Design

Michael M. Coleman, Professor Emeritus of Polymer Science, Department of Materials and Engineering, Penn State University
Paul C. Painter, Professor of Polymer Science, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State University


ISBN: 978-1-932078-55-8, ©2006, 40 pages plus CD-ROM,
6×9, Soft cover

  • A valuable tool for understanding the mixing of polymer blends
  • Facilitates finding combinations of polymers that work – and don’t
  • Ready to apply in your lab or research facility

Written and developed by two of the world’s leading authorities, the software + book Miscible Polymer Blends offers polymer chemists and engineers a method for very rapidly determining which polymers and co-polymers mix and do not mix. The CD-ROM calculator is designed to aid in determining promising polymer blends for many different applications. A self-guided tutorial on the CD-ROM, as well as an accompanying booklet, presents the theoretical background.

Based on twenty years of research, Miscible Polymer Blends is an inexpensive, easy-to-use instrument for investigating and refining polymer combinations. The package offers succinct and precise explanations, which will be of value to those requiring a clear introduction to the fascinating field of polymer blends.

1. Tutorial

  • An In-Depth Guided Tour of How to Predict Miscible Polymer Mixtures

2. Additional Material on Relevant Topics

  • Solubility Parameters
  • Group Contributions
  • How Group Contributions are Determined
  • Specific Interactions
  • Critical Values of Solubility Parameter Differences
  • The Dilution Algorithm
  • Self-Association
  • Inter-Association
  • Infrared Studies of Blends
  • Different Equilibrium Schemes
  • Infrared Determination of Equilibrium Constants
  • Temperature Dependence of Equilibrium Constants
  • Polymer Self-Association Equilibrium Constants
  • Intramolecular Screening
  • Functional Group Accessibility
  • Hydrogen Bonding Free Energy Equation
  • Phase Behavior

3. Calculators

  • Solubility Parameter Calculator for Homopolymers
  • Solubility Parameter Calculator for Random Copolymers
  • Miscibility Checker for Two Homopolymers
  • Miscibility Checker for a Homopolymer with a Copolymer
  • Miscibility Checker for Two Copolymers
  • Miscibility Windows and Maps
  • Phase Calculator for Hydrogen Bonded Polymer Blends


ISBN: 978-1-932078-55-8, ©2006, 40 pages plus CD-ROM,
6×9, Soft cover

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