Sea Urchins: Fisheries and Ecology

Proceedings of the International Conference on Sea-Urchin Fisheries and Aquaculture

Edited by: John M. Lawrence, University of South Florida and Oscar Guzman, Instituto de Fomento Pesquero

ISBN13: 978-1-932078-32-9, ©2004, 439 pages, 6×9, Hardcover

  • The papers from the first conference to bring the sea-urchin fishing industry together with the aquaculture/research community — now compiled in one volume!
  • Addresses the key areas of aquaculture: seed production, food and nutrition, husbandry issues, and marketing

Sea Urchins presents the 70+ papers presented at the inaugural International Conference on Sea-Urchin Fisheries and Aquaculture. The conference was unique in that it was the first to consider fisheries and aquaculture together–recognizing both the biology and ecology of sea urchins, as well as the needs and concerns of the fisheries as the sea urchin industry continues to grow in maintaining traditional rights and expanding their roles. Papers cover fisheries and management; ecology & population biology; biology; feeds & nutrition; seeds; and sea and land aquaculture. The volume includes a section about the future of aquaculture of sea urchins, summarized from the international roundtable discussion held at the end of the conference, which addresses issues such as environmental and business standards, biosecurity, and growth rate of the industry.



  • Sea-Urchin Fisheries: A Chilean Perspective
  • Enhancement of Japan’s Sea Urchin Fisheries
  • Sea Urchin Fisheries: A California Perspective
  • The Red Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus, Fishery in British Columbia, Canada
  • History and Current State of Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus Lamarck, 1816, Fisheries in Galicia, NW Spain
  • Transplantation of Large Paracentrotus lividus: A Restocking Strategy for an Edible Sea Urchin
  • Management of the Nova Scotia Based Sea Urchin Fishery Using a Habitat-Based Regime
  • Harvestable Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Resources Along the Norwegian Coast
  • The Failure of Establishing a Norwegian Sea-Urchin Industry
  • Economic Antecedents Associated with the Production of Sea Urchin Seeds and Their Use in Seeding Activities and Intensive Cultivation
  • A Bio-Socio-Economic Simulation Model (BSESM) for Management of the Red Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus Fishery in Chile
  • A Geographical Information System (GIS)-Based Model for Red Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus Restocking Site Selection in Chile
  • Historical Development and Perspectives of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus Fishery in the Southern and Austral Areas of Chile
  • Chilean Regulations for Cultivation of Sea-Urchins and Related Activities
  • State of Sea-Urchin Fisheries 2003


  • Movement of the Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis in Different Subtidal Habitats in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Eastern Canada
  • Size-Specific Movement of Green Sea Urchins Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis on Urchin Barrens in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Eastern Canada
  • Diet of Pseudechinus magellanicus (Echinoidea: Temnopleuridae) in Argentinean Waters
  • Acclimation and Growth Response of the Green Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis to Fluctuating Salinity
  • Dwarfism of the Echinoid Paracentrotus lividus as an Ecological Adaptation
  • Sea Urchin (Loxechinus albus) and Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) in Protected Areas in Southern Chile
  • Sea Urchin Foraging: The Selection of Mussel and Barnacle Prey is Influenced by Their Size and Abundance
  • Population Biology of the Sea Urchin Echinometra vanbrunti in the Southern Gulf of California, Mexico
  • Isozyme Analysis in the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus


  • Effects of Temperature and Season on the Gonadal Growth of the Green Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Temperature Affects Feeding and Growth Characteristics of the Sea Urchin Lytechinus variegatus
  • Normal and Altered Gametogenesis in the Green Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Implications for Aquaculture
  • Biochemical Changes in the Gonad in Relation to the Reproductive Cycle of Echinometra lucunter and Arbacia lixula in Southern Brazil
  • Instantaneous Comparison of Reproductive and Morphological Traits of Paracentrotus gaimardi (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) Along the Brazilian Coast
  • Analysis of Gametogenesis of Echinometra lucunter from Coastal Upwelling Rocky-Shore and Offshore Coral Reef Environments on the Brazilian Coast
  • Reproductive Biology of Arbacia dufresnei in Golfo Nuevo, Argentine Sea
  • In vitro Effects of Organic Xenobiotics on MFO-Associated Reductase Activities in Gonads of the Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus
  • Rheological and Organoleptic Factors of Loxechinus albus from the Coast of Chile
  • Carotenoid Profiles of the Edible Echinoid Paracentrotus lividus
  • Carotenoid Concentrations and Profiles in Testes, Ovaries and Eggs of the Sea Urchins Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and Lytechinus variegatus
  • Characterization of the Gametogenic Cycle of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus
  • Heritability of Growth of Juvenile Strongylocentrotus nudus


  • Preparation of Sea Urchin Feeds by Extrusion Cooking
  • Use of Transglutaminase to Produce a Stable Sea Urchin Feed
  • Effect of Protein Source Ratio and Protein Concentration in Prepared Diets on Gonad Yield and Quality of the Green Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Effectiveness of Different Pigment Sources in Colouring the Gonads of the Green Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis)
  • Effect of Diet on Gonadal and Somatic Production of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus under Sea-Based Cultivation Conditions
  • Use of Artificial Diets in the Culture of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus
  • The Effect of Different Dietary Lipids on Lipid Composition and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Green Sea Urchins, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Effects of Dietary Lipids on Growth, Fatty Acid Composition, and Lipid Metabolism of the Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Color Improvement of Brown Gonads of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus by Artificial Feed
  • Chemical Characterization and Sensory Evaluation of Taste of Brown and Normal Gonads of Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus and Its Implications for Development of Artificial Feed
  • Effects of Different Diets on Sensory Quality of Gonads
  • Color, Hardness and Resilience of Gonads of Strongylocentrotus franciscanus Fed Prepared Feed and Algal Diets and from Commercial Processing Facilities
  • Development of Grow-Out Techniques for Juvenile Sea Urchins Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Effect of Diet and Seed Stock Supply on Growth Rate of Juvenile Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Echinus esculentus, a Fully Farmed Approach for a Designer Roe?
  • The Effect of Diet on Roe Enhancement of Wild Evechinus chloroticus
  • Constructing an Energy Budget for Sea Urchins in Culture: How Does Diet Influence Energy Partitioning
  • Importance, Status and Future Research Needs for Formulated Feeds for Sea Urchin Aquaculture


  • Mass Production of Seed of the Japanese Edible Sea Urchins Strongylocentrotus intermedius and Strongylocentrotus nudus
  • Massive Production of Larvae and Seeds of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus
  • Non-Invasive Spawning of Captive Diadema antillarum (Phillippi) under Photo-Thermal Control
  • Isolation, Cultivation and Evaluation of an Endemic Navicula Species as a Diet for Recently Metamorphosed Juveniles of the Sea Urchin Loxechinus albus
  • Development of Cryopreservation Techniques for the Green Sea Urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Larval and Seed Culture Techniques for the Edible Sea Urchin
  • Production of Seeds of the Sea Urchin Glyptocidaris crenularis
  • Technical-Economic Evaluation of Seed Production of the Edible Sea Urchin, Loxechinus albus


  • The Evolving Role of Aquaculture in the Global Production of Sea Urchins
  • A Hatchery System for Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Tests of Caging Systems for Juvenile Growout
  • Near Exponential Growth of Hatchery Reared Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis
  • Technology for Sea-Based Farming of Sea Urchins
  • Cultivation of Loxechinus albus in Lantern Nets
  • Sea Cage Experiments on Roe Enhancement of New Zealand Sea Urchin Evechinus chloroticus
  • Effect of Water Flow on the Displacement of Strongylocentrotus franciscanus in Controlled Environment
  • Experimental Validation of Raceway System for Intensive Culture of Edible Sea Urchins Loxechinus albus in Central Chile
  • Propagation of the European Sea Urchin Paracentrotus lividus in Israel
  • A Roundtable Discussion of the Future of Aquaculture of Sea Urchins

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ISBN13: 978-1-932078-32-9, ©2004, 439 pages, 6×9, Hardcover

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