Safe Work Practices for Green Energy Jobs

Frank R. Spellman, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-075-4, ©2013, 323 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

  • Practical safety and OSHA information for management and workers in wind energy, solar energy, geothermal, green roof construction jobs
  • Recycling, weatherization and biofuel
  • Documented accident data
  • Necessary resource for implementation, training and compliance

Written by a well-known utilities and environmental expert, the present book explains how and why federal safety and other regulations apply to facilities and employees in multiple sectors of the green energy industry. The book clarifies what must be done to bring facilities’ operations and job procedures into compliance with OSHA standards and at the same time offers information essential for developing and expanding safety training programs in wind energy, solar, geothermal and recycling facilities, as well as on green roof and weatherization job sites. The first part of the book describes procedures and practices in specific green energy jobs, thus spelling out areas where OSHA standards must be met. Part two reviews hundreds of current safety regulations, rules and standards. Citing documented cases of on-the-job accidents and incidents, the book emphasizes practical methods for implementing occupational health and hazard control procedures, as well as safe work practices.


Part I. Green Energy Jobs

1. Introduction
1.1. The 411 on Green Energy Jobs
1.2. USA Green Jobs Act (2007)
1.3. Green Energy Jobs and Worker Safety
1.4. Green Energy Safety: Old Paradigm vs. “New” Paradigm
1.5. Scope and Structure
1.6. References and Recommended Reading

2. Wind Energy
2.1. Case Study—Wind Turbine Fatality
2.2. Introduction
2.3. Wind Energy Job Hazards
2.4. Wind Energy Fatalities/Incidents

3. Solar Energy
3.1. Energy from the Sun
3.2. Solar Energy Job Hazards
3.3. Fatalities/Incidents
3.4. References and Recommended Reading

4. Geothermal Energy
4.1. Geothermal Energy Basics
4.2. Geothermal Energy Job Hazards
4.3. Fatalities/Incidents
4.4. References and Recommended Reading

5. Biofuels
5.1. Biofuels Hazards
5.2. Biofuels Job Hazards
5.3. Fatalities/Incidents
5.4. References and Recommended Reading

6. Recycling
6.1. Waste Management and Recycling Job Hazards
6.2. Traffic Safety in Recycling Jobs (Tab Q)
6.3. Ergonomics in Recycling Jobs (Tab S)
6.4. Lead Exposure in Recycling Jobs (Tab R)
6.5. Unexpected Machine Startup in Recycling Jobs (Tab D)
6.6. References and Recommended Reading

7. Green Roofs
7.1. Green Jobs Hazards: Green Roofs
7.2. Falls in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab B)
7.3. Personal Protective Equipment in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab K)
7.4. Silica Dust Exposure in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab M)
7.5. Cranes, Derricks and Hoist Hazards in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab F)
7.6. Powered Industrial Truck Hazards in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab T)
7.7. Electrical Safety in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab G)
7.8. Thermal Stress Hazards in Green Roofs Jobs (Tab J)

8. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
8.1. Hydrogen
8.2. Green Job Hazards: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

9. Weather Insulating and Sealing
9.1. Introduction
9.2. Weather Insulating/Sealing Job Hazards
9.3. Personal Protective Equipment for Weather Insulating/Sealing Jobs (Tab R)
9.4. Fatalities and Incidents
9.5. References and Recommended Reading

Part II. Safe Work Practices, Standards and Regulations

10. Safety Tabs
Tab A—Hazard Communication (29 CFR 1910.1200)
Tab B—Falls
Tab C—Confined Space Entry
Tab D—Control of Hazardous Energy—Lockout/Tagout
Tab E—Medical & First Aid
Tab F—Rigging Safety Program
Tab G—Electrical Safety
Tab H—Machine Guarding
Tab I—Respiratory Protection
Tab J—Thermal Stress
Tab K—Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Tab L—Trenching and Excavation
Tab M—Crystalline Silica Exposure
Tab N—Welding & Cutting Safety
Tab O—Fire Safety
Tab P—Process Safety Management (PSM)
Tab Q—Traffic Safety
Tab R—Lead Exposure
Tab S—Ergonomics
Tab T—Forklift Operator Safety
Tab U—Ventilation


Frank R. Spellman is a retired Environmental Safety & Health Manager for a large sanitation district in Virginia and a former professor of Environmental Health at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. Author or co-author of 82 technical books, Spellman currently consults on environmental matters with the U.S. Dept.of Justice, as well as with law firms and environmental agencies worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-075-4, ©2013, 323 pages, 6×9, Soft cover

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