Great Basin Evolution and Metallogeny – 2015

Geological Society of Nevada 2015 Symposium

Edited by: William M. Pennell and Larry J. Garside

ISBN: 978-1-60595-226-0, 2015, 1388 pages, two volumes with CD-ROM* bound in Vol. II, 8.5 x 11, hardcover

  • Scientific analyses of the geology, metallogeny, and mineralization of gold, silver and other high-value elements in the western USA
  • Technical details on working mines, exploration results, new deposits
  • Presentations produced with the United States Geological Survey, Society of Economic Geologists
  • Two-volume book set printed in full color with full-text searchable CD-ROM

Produced under the auspices of the Geological Society of Nevada and published every five years, this two-volume book of peer-reviewed papers focuses on the geological analysis of ore-rich deposits in the western United States, especially ones containing gold and other high-value elements. Hundreds of stratigraphic, lithographic, remote-sensing and core sample examples are presented, particularly of areas likely to host Carlin-type gold deposits. The two volumes contain a wealth of data on specifically named mines, as well as technical information on high-potential areas for exploration. The book is profusely illustrated with full-color maps, photographs and charts for geology and mining engineering.

A searchable CD accompanies the book and includes the full text of papers from the printed book, as well as abstracts and information from poster sessions not found in the printed book. Chapters in the text are fully refereed versions of presentations originally delivered at a symposium supported by the Geological Society of Nevada, along with the United States Geological Survey, Society of Economic Geologists and the Nevada Bureau of Mines.

Sample key words: metallogeny, gold, epithermal ore, magmatism, Carlin trend, square array void mapping (SAVM), porphyry copper, tungsten, orogeny, lithogeochemistry, 3-D resistivity and modeling, fault-surface mapping, airborne electromagnetics and more.

*The CD-ROM displays figures and illustrations in articles in full color along with a title screen and main menu screen. Each user can link to all papers from the Table of Contents and Author Index and also link to papers and front matter by using the global bookmarks which allow navigation of the entire CD-ROM from every article. Search features on the CD-ROM can be by full text including all key words, article title, author name, and session title. The CD-ROM has Autorun feature for Windows 2000 or higher products and can also be used with Macintosh computers. The CD includes the program for Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search 11.0. One year of technical support is included with your purchase of this product.


Organizing Committee
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Preface and Acknowledgements

The Haywood Securities Session on Great Basin Geology and Metallogeny

  • The Evolution and Relationship of the Western North American Paleozoic Carbonate Platform and Basin Depositional Environments to Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in the Context of Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy, Harry E. Cook
  • Tectonic History of Northern Nevada, Robert Leonardson

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Overview of Cenozoic Extension in the Northern Great Basin, Joseph P. Colgan
  • The Relationship between Cenozoic Rollback Magmatism and Mineral Deposits in the Great Basin, USA, Christopher D. Henry and David A. John
  • Map Pattern and Style of Regional-Scale Contractional Deformation in the Sevier Hinterland in Eastern Nevada: Insights from Sub-Volcanic Paleogeologic Maps, Sean P. Long
  • East-West Swath of Mid-Cretaceous Intrusions in East-Central Nevada: U-Pb Geochronology and Metallogeny, Eric Seedorff, Mark D. Barton, and Michael L. Takaichi
  • Miocene Rhyolite Volcanism in the Northeastern Great Basin: Spatio-Temporal-Petrogenetic Characteristics and Connection to Basin and Range Extension, Matthew E. Brueseke and Willis Hames
  • Paleogene Topography, Tectonics, and Drainage System Evolution across the Basin and Range, E.J. Cassel, C.D. Henry, M.E. Smith, D.O. Breecker, and Daniel F. Stockli
  • Favorable Structural Settings of Active Geothermal and Young Epithermal Systems in the Great Basin Region, Western USA: Implications for Exploration Strategies, James E. Faulds, Mark Coolbaugh, and Nicholas Hinz
  • Inheritance in Plutonic Rocks: Key to Understanding Crustal Evolution of the Retro-Arc Region of the East-Central Great Basin of the North American Cordillera, Eric S. Gottlieb, Wayne R. Premo, and Elizabeth L. Miller
  • Attenuated Crustal Section in the East Humboldt Range, Northeastern Nevada: Implications for Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonics in the Sevier Hinterland, Arthur W. Snoke and Allen J. McGrew
  • Effects of Jurassic Slab Break-Off in the Northern Great Basin: Geochemistry and Geochronology of Back-Arc Magmatism; Structural and Stratigraphic Relations; and Possible Implication for Younger Gold Mineralization, Sandra J. Wyld and J.E. Wright

Exploration Technology

  • Airborne EM in Exploring for Epithermal Gold Deposits: Three Examples from the Great Basin and Western Cordillera, Jean M. Legault, Karl Kwan, and Alexander Prikhodko

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Revealing Carbonate Alteration Footprints of Carlin Gold Deposits with Stable Isotopes, Shaun L.L. Barker, Kenneth A. Hickey, Jeremy R. Vaughan, Will A. Lepore, Greg M. Dipple, and Craig J.R. Hart
  • 3D Inversion of Natural Source Geophysical Methods for Mineral Exploration in the Western Cordillera of North America with Case History Examples, Scott Napier, Peter Kowalczyk, and Thomas Campagne
  • Integrating Hyperspectral Mineralogy with Geochemistry for Exploration Success, Sarah Rice
  • Real-Time Analysis: Improving Exploration Efficiency, Pim van Geffen and Cindy Collins

Back from the Bush: Exploration Update

  • The Rochester Silver and Gold Deposit, Paul Hohbach and Steven Johnson
  • Genesis and Timing of Gold Mineralization at Mineral Ridge, Esmeralda County, Nevada, and Implications for Future Exploration and Discovery, Paul D. Noland, Scott Briscoe, and Peter J. Hawley
  • Pinion Gold Deposit, Elko County, Nevada, John W. Norby, Robert J. Edie, Michael T. Harp, Mac R. Jackson, Steven R. Koehler, David C. Mathewson, Neil E. Whitmer, Steve Moore, and James L. Wright
  • McCoy-Cove Property, Lander County, Nevada—Exploration Update of a Consolidated District, Warren F. Thompson, Mia O’Neal, and Chad E. Peters

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Geology and Alteration of the Spring Valley Deposit, Pershing Co., Nevada, Nancy Richter, Ryan Pinguely, and John Watson
  • Multi-Phase Low-Sulphidation Epithermal Gold Mineralization in the North Bullfrog District, Nye County, Nevada, Russell Myers, Mark Reischman, and Chris Brown

Intrusion-Related Deposits

  • Tertiary Intrusion-Related Copper, Molybdenum, and Tungsten Mining Districts of the Eastern Great Basin, Ken Krahulec
  • Iron Oxide-Rich Mineralization and Related Alteration in the Yerington District, Lyon County, Nevada, Simone E. Runyon, Mark D. Barton, John Dilles, Hank Ohlin, Eric Seedorff, David Johnson, and Korin Carpenter

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Contrasting, Variably Superimposed Hydrothermal Systems, Eureka Mining District, Northern Fish Creek Range, Nevada, Mark D. Barton, Eric Seedorff, and Gregory A. Ghidotti
  • Footprints of Porphyry Copper Deposits: Using Lithogeochemistry and Hydrothermal Mineralogy to Track the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Plume at Yerington, Nevada, John H. Dilles, Julia F. Cohen, Richard M. Tosdal, and Scott Halley
  • Eocene Hydrothermal Systems and Contrasting Hydrothermal Alteration in the Battle Mountain District, Nevada, Caleb A. King and Mark D. Barton
  • Ann Mason Porphyry Copper Deposit—Yerington District, Lyon County, Nevada, T. Watkins, N. Page, J. Gant, M. Cunningham, and B. Hartman

Northeastern Nevada: The New Frontier

  • Geology and Discovery History of the Gravel Creek Silver-Gold Deposit, Elko County, Nevada, Odin D. Christensen, John G. Cleary, Amy L. Anderson, and Carmen Fimiani
  • The Discovery and Geology of the Western Flank Zone at the Kinsley Mountain Project, Elko County, Nevada, Randy Hannink, Moira Smith, Peter Shabestari, Ken Raabe, Vance Spalding, and Tyler Hill
  • Geology of the North Bullion Gold Deposit: Eocene Extension, Intrusion and Carlin-Style Mineralization, the Railroad District, Carlin Trend, Nevada, Mac R. Jackson, Melanie N. Newton, David C. Mathewson, Steven R. Koehler, Michael T. Harp, Robert J. Edie, Neil E. Whitmer, and John W. Norby

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Cenozoic Volcanism, Faulting and Basin Development in the Eastern Pinon Range and Central Huntington Valley, Elko County, Nevada, J.E. Lund Snee, E.L. Miller, J.K. Hourigan
  • Carlin on the Shelf? A Review of Sediment-Hosted Gold Deposits and Their Settings in the Eastern Great Basin, Moira T. Smith and Harry E. Cook
  • The Middle Jurassic Elko Orogeny in Nevada and Utah, Charles H. Thorman

The Newmont Session on Advances in Carlin-type Deposits I

  • Controls of Fault and Fold Geometry on the Distribution of Gold Mineralization on the Carlin Trend, David Rhys, Franck Valli, Rachel Burgess, Dean Heitt, Gerry Griesel, and Kerry Hart
  • Petrology and Geochemistry of the Emigrant Pass Volcanics, Nevada: Implications for a Magmatic-Hydrothermal Origin of the Carlin Gold Deposits, Curtis L. Johnson, John H. Dilles, Christopher D. Henry, Michael W. Ressel, Adam J.R. Kent, and Lucian P. Farmer
  • Shallow Expressions of Carlin-Type Hydrothermal Systems: An Example from the Emigrant Mine, Carlin Trend, Nevada, Michael W. Ressel, Molly Dendas, Ronald Lujan, Jim Essman, and P.J. Shumway

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Carlin-type Gold Deposits: A Comparison Between the Guizhou China and Nevada, USA Districts, Jean S. Cline, Zhuojun Xie, and Yong Xia
  • Battle Mountain Re-Visited: Major Cretaceous and Eocene Intrusion-related Hydrothermal Systems, Elizabeth A. Holley, Michael W. Ressel, Matt Fithian, Jim Carver, and Reed Kofoed
  • Au-Mineralising Fluids in the Carlin and Battle Mountain-Eureka Trends—Insights from Fluid Inclusion Studies, Simon J. E. Large, Edine Y. N. Bakker, Philipp Weis, Markus Walle, and Christoph A. Heinrich

Advances in Carlin-type Deposits II

  • The Goldrush Discovery, Cortez District, Nevada—The Stratigraphic Story, Mark A. Bradley and Nathan Eck
  • Tectonostratigraphic Framework and Timing of Mineralization at the Relief Canyon Mine, Pershing County, Nevada, Richard H. Fifarek, Douglas W. Prihar, Larry L. Hillesland, Robert J. Casaceli, Peter A. Dilles, and Daniel P. Miggins
  • Carlin-Type Gold Deposits and Current Mining Activities at Jerritt Canyon, Elko County, Nevada, Todd W. Johnson, William B. Hofer, Mike A. Mendez, Casey M. Fletcher, and Solomon Owusu

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Time-Space Relationships between Sediment-Hosted Gold Mineralization and Intrusion-Related Polymetallic Mineralization at Kinsley Mountain, NV, Tyler J. Hill, John L. Muntean, Moira T. Smith, and Robert A. Creaser
  • Geology and Mineralization of the Long Canyon Gold Deposit, Elko County, Nevada, Jon Powell
  • Geology and Mineralization of the (Other) Goldstrike Mine, Washington County, Utah, Peter Shabestari

Diversify! Beyond the Big 3

  • Geology, Geochemistry, and Hydrogeology of Lithium Brines, LeeAnn Munk, Scott Hynek, David Boutt, and Dwight Bradley
  • Exploration for REE and Gold in the Bear Lodge Tertiary Alkaline Complex, Crook County, Wyoming, John T. Ray and James G. Clark

Abstract (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Nevada Minerals Production Update and Non-Precious Metal Exploration and Development Projects, Rich Perry

Metallogeny of the Humboldt Range

  • Vein Textures, Mineralization and Hydrothermal Alteration of the Spring Valley Deposit, Pershing County, Nevada, Betsy L. Crosby and Tommy B. Thompson
  • Late Cretaceous Orogenic Au-Ag Vein Deposits of Western and North-Central Nevada: Consequences /of Sevier Flat-Slab Subduction, and Links with Other Cordilleran Orogenic Deposits, Marcus K. Johnston, Kenneth N. Coleman, and Michael W. Ressel

Abstract (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Large-Tonnage Precious Metal Deposits in the Humboldt and West Humboldt Ranges, Pershing County, Nevada, Peter G. Vikre, William C. Howald, Betsy Crosby, and Paul Hohbach

Epithermal Deposits

  • Cenozoic Magmatism and Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposits of the Southern Ancestral Cascade Arc, Western Nevada and Eastern California, David A. John, Edward A. du Bray, Christopher D. Henry, and Peter G. Vikre
  • The Talapoosa-Appaloosa Epithermal Au–Ag Project—A Reinterpretation and Update, Lyon County, Nevada, E. Max Baker and James E. Faulds
  • The Golden Devil Zone, a New Discovery in the Goldbanks District, Nevada, Joshua Ellis and Caleb Stroup
  • Geology and Mineralization of the San Sebastian Vein Systems, Saladillo Mining District, Durango Mexico: Examples of Concurrent Intermediate-Sulfidation and Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Environments, Kurt D. Allen and Stephen Redak
  • Tectonic Controls on the Epithermal Ore-Forming Environment, Northern New Zealand, Julie V. Rowland and Stuart F. Simmons

Abstract (included only on CD-ROM)

  • Fire Creek: Nevada’s Next High-Grade Gold Project, G. P. Kassos and J. M. Marma


Additional Contributors

  • Stratigraphy of the Sandman Low Sulfidation Au Deposits, Winnemucca Nevada, Robert M. Anderson Jr.
  • Fauna of the Newark Canyon Formation (Lower Cretaceous), East-Central Nevada, Joshua W. Bonde, Richard P. Hilton, Frankie D. Jackson, and Peter A. Druschke
  • Structural, Textural and Supergene Controls on Grade and Zonation in Epithermal Vein Systems: A Multi-scalar Perspective from the Mercedes District, Sonora, Mexico, Geoffrey K. Burtner, Mark Hawksworth, Jose Carlos Beltran Encinas, Tommy B. Thompson, and Jeff Edwards
  • Gold Mineralization at the Golden Trail Project, Northeastern Elko County, Nevada, Richard C. Lapps, Paula J. Noble, and Clark Jorgensen
  • Geology and Mineralization of the McLean Lode, Monte Cristo Property, Esmeralda County, Nevada, Ruth A. Carraher and Donald M. Hudson
  • Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Eastern Ag-Rich, Epithermal Veins in the Midas District, Nevada, USA, Rue A. Chitwood
  • Origin of Gold in Placer Deposits of the Sierra Nevada Foothills, California, Odin D. Christensen, Christopher D. Henry, and Jim Wood
  • Application of Remote Sensing in Mineral Assessments of Arid Regions: Desert National Wildlife Range, Nevada, Tim Cramer and John Muntean
  • Structural Analysis of Gold Mineralization in the Southern Eureka Mining District, Eureka County, Nevada: A Predictive Structural Setting for Carlin-Type Mineralization, Russell V. Di Fiori, Sean P. Long, John L. Muntean, and Gary P. Edmondo
  • The Role of Geophysical Data in the Evaluation of the Talapoosa-Appaloosa Epithermal Au-Ag Project, Lyon County, Nevada, R. B. Ellis and E. Max Baker
  • Tectonic Erratics-—Remarkable Exotic Blocks Emplaced by the Henderson Thrust During the Sonoma Orogeny, Eureka County, Nevada, Stanley C. Finney, Tom Kelty, Charles Fair, and Eric Arney
  • Stomping Around the Sump: Miocene Pygmy Gomphothere from Esmeralda County, Nevada, Fabian C. Hardy and Joshua Bonde
  • Eocene Igneous Geology and Relation to Mineralization: Railroad District, Southern Carlin Trend, Nevada, Christopher D. Henry, Mac R. Jackson, David C. Mathewson, Steven R. Koehler, and Steve C. Moore
  • The Jackson-Lawton-Bowman Normal Fault System and its Relationship to Carlin-Type Gold Mineralization, Eureka District, Nevada, Aryn K. Hoge, Eric Seedorff, Mark D. Barton, Carson A. Richardson, and Daniel A. Favorito
  • Mineral Exploration and the Digital Terrain Revolution, Paul W. Jewell
  • Geology, Alteration, and Mineralization of the Elder Creek Porphyry System, Battle Mountain, Nevada, Caleb A. King
  • Geology of the Redbird Gold Deposit, Bald Mountain Mining District, White Pine County, Nevada, Craig Mach, Dan Pace, Warren Rehn, Bill Wright, Keith Bettles, Bob Loranger, and Jerry Ankomah
  • Epithermal Au-Ag ores of War Eagle and Florida Mountains, Silver City District, Owyhee County, Idaho, Michael S. Mason, James A. Saunders, Matthew E. Brueseke, Collins Aseto, and Willis E. Hames
  • Age, Distribution, and Composition of Igneous Rocks of the Pequop Mountains, Northeast Nevada: Association with Carlin-Type Gold Deposits, Ajeet K. Milliard, Michael W. Ressel, Christopher D. Henry, and Christina Ricks
  • U-Pb geochronology of Laramide Magmatism Related to Cu-, Zn-, and Fe-Mineralized Systems, Central Mining District, New Mexico, Jason D. Mizer, Mark D. Barton and Ralph J. Stegen
  • Magma-Metal Series Classification of Mineralization in the Vicinity of Yucca Mountain, Nevada, Jan C. Rasmussen and Stanley B. Keith
  • Reconstruction of Normal Fault Blocks in the Ann-Mason and Blue Hill Areas, Yerington District, Lyon County, Western Nevada, Carson A. Richardson and Eric Seedorff
  • Fault Surface Maps: Three-Dimensional Structural Reconstructions and Their Utility in Exploration and Mining, Eric Seedorff, Carson A. Richardson, and David J. Maher
  • Rapid Oxidation and Secondary Mineral Growth on Drill Core, Goldrush Complex Carlin-type Gold Deposit, Eureka County, Nevada, Devon L. Smith, Jean S. Cline, and Pamela B. Zohar
  • WorldView-3 and UAVs for Exploration, Joe Zamudio
  • Precious and Base Metal Mineralization within a Large Eocene, Magmato-Thermal System, Railroad District, Carlin Trend, Nevada, Steven R. Koehler, Mac R. Jackson, Michael T. Harp, Robert J. Edie, Neil E. Whitmer, David C. Mathewson, John W. Norby, and Christopher Henry
  • Discovery of Gold Mineralization beneath a Barren Opaline Silica Cap at Painted Hills, Northwestern Nevada, and the Association of Gold with Molybdenum in Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Systems, Jacob Margolis
  • Geology of the Rockland Mine Area, Western Nevada: Au-Ag Mineralization Associated with Late Miocene Rhyolite Domes, Tony Eng, Robert D. Thomas, Daniel T. Taylor, and Charles Robbins
  • Understanding Geochemical Anomaly Formation through Transported Cover and Implications for Mineral Exploration: The Australian Experience, Mel Lintern, Ravi Anand, Ryan Noble, Rob Hough, and Brian Townley
  • Great Plains Margin (Alkaline-Related) Mineral Deposits in New Mexico: Twenty Years Later, Virginia T. McLemore
  • From the Core Shed to the Project Bottom Line—Collection and Application of Mineral Exploration Data, Brooke J. Miller
  • Geology of the Fire Creek Exploration Project-—Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Bonanza Gold-Silver Deposit, Lander County, Nevada, USA, Justin B. Milliard, John C. Marma, Gabe Kassos, Eric Hobbs, Jackson S. Borchardt, and Kyle R. Rehak
  • Understanding Pediments for Mineral Exploration, Robert C. Pease
  • Geochemical Variations in Biotite Outward from the Toquepala and Cananea Porphyry Copper Deposits, William A. Rehrig

Abstracts (included only on CD-ROM)

  • The Genesis of Climax-Type Porphyry Mo Deposits: Insights from Fluid and Melt Inclusions, Andreas Audetat
  • Testing Established Models of Hydrothermal Fluid Distribution around Porphyry Deposits: The Application of Fluid Inclusion Research to Porphyry Exploration , W. B. Bain, J. S. Cline, and T.M. Marsh
  • A Geological and Metallo-Tectonic Synthesis of the East Carson Block Region, Northwest Nevada, E. M. Baker, J. E. Faulds, S. G. Peters, and J. Ellis
  • Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene (40–9 Ka) Paleoecology and Mega Herbivore Response to Environmental Changes of Nevada, Aubrey M. Bonde
  • Spatial and Temporal Relationship between Carlin-Style Gold and Polymetallic Mineralization at the Deep Cove Gold-Silver Deposit, Lander County, Nevada, Wilson M. Bonner and John L. Muntean
  • Geochemical Investigation of the Origin of the Back Forty Zn-Cu (Au, Ag) VMS Deposit, Michigan, R. Boxleiter, J. Thakurta, and T. O. Quigley
  • The Eocene Elko Formation: a Paleogeographic Record of High-Elevation Lake Basin Formation and Topographic Evolution in the Cordilleran Hinterland, A. S. Canada, E. J. Cassel, and M. E. Smith
  • Sediment-Hosted Mineralization in Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic Platform and Platform-Margin Carbonates and Siliciclastics in the Stibnite-Yellow Pine Mining District: A Northern Nevada Analog (?), C. Dail, V. Gillerman, R. Lewis, D. Stewart, and E. Stewart
  • Ore Classification and Breccia Formation in the 144 Zone Gold Deposit: A Chemical Replacement Model, Bare Mountain Range, Nevada, B. T. Fischer, J. S. Cline, and P. McAndless
  • Petrology of Igneous Rocks and Carbonate and Siliciclastic Rocks in the Gold Bearing Helen Zone, Cove-McCoy Mining District, Lander County, Nevada, L. M. Friberg, A. J. Pacnovsky, and K. M. Zoller
  • A Field-Based Geochemical and Petrographic Study of the Fluids Preserved within the Harrison Pass Pluton with Implications for the Fluid Origin of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits, Christopher Gates
  • The Graphite Creek Deposit, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, David R. Hembree and Joanne Price
  • Exploration of Structurally Controlled Geothermal Systems—Systematic Workflow from Field Work to 3D Modeling and Drill Targeting: Implications for Epithermal Mineral Exploration, Nicholas H. Hinz, James E. Faulds, and Drew L. Siler
  • Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Hydrothermal Fluids of the Round Mountain Gold Deposit, Nevada, Steven T. Howell and John L. Muntean
  • Geochemistry and Petrography of the Beartrack Mine Property, Lemhi County, Idaho, Sergey A. Konyshev
  • Recent Carlin-Type Gold Discoveries by ATAC Resources Ltd. on the Rackla Gold Project in Central Yukon, Julia Lane, Richard Phillips, and Rob Carne
  • Digital Geological Map of the Northern Part of the Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend, Joseph A. Laravie
  • Timescale of Ore Formation at the Young Ok Tedi Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, Simon J. E. Large, Albrecht Von Quadt, and Christoph A. Heinrich
  • History and Discovery of the Turquoise Ridge Underground Mine, Dawn Leader and Terry Knight
  • West Mercur, Utah: New Frontiers at the Oldest Carlin-type Gold Camp, David A. Mako
  • Bonanza-Grade Au-Ag Ore and Associated Rocks of the Fire Creek Deposit, John Marma
  • Structural Controls on Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit Formation in an Intra-Continental Rift Setting, North-Central Nevada, U.S.A.: Global Implications for Au-Ag Exploration and Production, Justin B. Milliard, John Muntean, and John Marma
  • Intrusion-Related Gold System at Buffalo Canyon, Nye County, Nevada, USA, Daniel W. Pace, Eric M. Struhsacker, Mark F. Coolbaugh, Patrick Quillen, John L. Muntean, and Fred T. Saunders
  • Petrography and Geochemistry of Hypogene Mineralization at the Mike Gold Copper Deposit, Eureka County, Nevada, Benjamin M. Parrish
  • Development and Testing of the Square Array Void Mapping (SAVM) Method, Jim Pfeiffer, Steve Hodges, Tom Sprott, Jamie Rector, John Kingman, and Jofree Duran
  • Innovations in Exploration: The Search for High-Grade Ore at the Rochester Ag-Au Mine, Nevada and Beyond, Hans Rasmussen
  • Change in Regional Stress and Mineral Trends from Laramide to Tertiary Times in Colorado and Utah, William A. Rehrig
  • Low Temperature Hydrogeochemistry of Gold: Implications for Exploration Geochemistry and Gold Nugget Formation, James A. Saunders and Ming-Kuo Lee
  • Multispectral Analysis of ASTER Imagery for Mineral Exploration in the Wah Wah Mountains of Southwestern Utah, Josh Scadden and H. Carrie, Bottenberg
  • Thick-Skinned Tectonics in the Sevier Hinterland, David L. Schwarz, James A. Carpenter, and Kyle E. Larson
  • Using Very-Large-Scale 3D Resistivity Imagery to Predict the Location of Deep Feeder Structures Underlying Surficial Epithermal Hot-spring Manifestations, Greg Shore
  • 3D Resistivity Characterization of the Hasbrouck Peak Epithermal Gold System: A District Shallow-Exploration Signature, Greg Shore and Josh Lymburner
  • Controls on High Grade Au-Ag Mineralization within the Clementine Vein System at the Hollister Low-Sulfidation Epithermal Deposit, Nevada, Joshua M. Smith, John L. Muntean, and Peter G. Vikre
  • The Iceberg Gold Deposit—A Carlin-type Gold Deposit in the Cortez Trend, Eureka County, Nevada, Roger C. Steininger, Abigail E. Stephens, and Garrett J. Frey
  • The Metamorphic Core Complex Burial Problem = The Alfred Hitchcock Case of the Missing Rocks or Thinking Outside the Box, Charles H. Thorman
  • Geology, Mineralization and Geochronology of the Carlin-type Conrad Zone, Yukon, M. J. Tucker, C. J. R. Hart, K. A. Hickey, and R. C. Carne
  • Metallogeny and Stratigraphy of Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Bigar Hill Gold Deposit, Serbia, Jelena Zivanovic, Aleksandar Miskovic, and Craig J.R. Hart

Author Index for Volumes I and II

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