Crashworthy Composite Structures

Aircraft & Vehicle Applications

David C. Fleming, PhD, Associate Professor, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, USA

Karen E. Jackson, PhD, Senior Research Engineer, National Institute of Aerospace, Hampton, VA, USA and NASA Langley Research Center, Langley, VA, USA

ISBN: 978-1-60595-646-6, October 2020, 330 pages, 6×9, HC

  • Presents fundamentals of impact forces on materials and test subjects
  • Offers principles for the design and improvement of crashworthy composites
  • Full-scale testing protocols and data, plus modeling strategies
  • Outlines construction and safety standards for aircraft components

This text investigates the variables needed to design and implement effective crashworthy composite materials, with the first part devoted to the scientific background of crashworthiness in terms of materials, measurements of impact, and animal and human responses to crashes. The book explains the concepts and materials needed to enable vehicles and their inhabitants to withstand catastrophic forces, including the design of survival cells and their surrounding architecture. The physics of impact behavior and energy absorption are presented, and the authors show how these principles apply to the development of energy-absorbing composite materials from the microstructural level to the behavior of full-scale components. Original test protocols and data, along with an array of computer simulations, are spelled out to assist readers in evaluating composites for crashworthiness.

From the Preface

…This book delves into the complex topic of aircraft crashworthiness, related topics to automotive crashworthiness, and the use of composite structures to provide effective, efficient crashworthy structures…As such, the book addresses topics such as the design and development of composite energy-absorbing structures, simulation of crash events, including multi-terrain impact problems, human tolerance for impact and injury risk criteria, and crash certification criteria…

List of Acronyms

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. The Role of Composites in Crashworthy Vehicle Design
1.2. Summary
1.3. References

Chapter 2. Crashworthy Design Principles

2.1. Aircraft Crashworthiness
2.2. Automobile Crashworthiness
2.3. References

Chapter 3. Crash Certification Criteria

3.1. Aircraft Crash Certification
3.2. Automotive Crash Certification
3.3. Reference

Chapter 4. Tools and Techniques for Crashworthy Design

4.1. Experimental Testing
4.2. Computer Simulation
4.3. Special Features
4.4. References

Chapter 5. Mechanics of Composite Energy Absorbers

5.1. Principles of Energy Absorbers
5.2. Crushing of Metallic Energy Absorbers
5.3. Composite Crushing Fundamentals
5.4. Summary
5.5. References

Chapter 6. Development of Two Composite Energy Absorbers

6.1. Coupon Level Testing and Simulation
6.2. Element/Component Level Testing and Simulation
6.3. Full-Scale Level Testing and Simulation: Barrel Section Retrofit
6.4. Full-Scale Level Testing and Simulation: Tract2 Retrofit
6.5. Summary
6.6. References

Chapter 7. Conclusions and Future Outlook

7.1. The Future of Crashworthy Design
7.2. Closure
7.3. References


Crashworthy Composite Structures (Entire eBook)
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Crashworthy Design Principles
Chapter 3: Crash Certification Criteria
Chapter 4: Tools and Techniques for Crashworthy Design
Chapter 5: Mechanics of Composite Energy Absorbers
Chapter 6: Development of Two Composite Energy Absorbers
Chapter 7: Conclusions and Future Outlook

ISBN: 978-1-60595-646-6, October 2020, 330 pages, 6×9, HC

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