Composites: Innovations and Structural Applications

Proceedings of the ACUN-1/International Composites Conference, February 23-25, 1999, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Edited by: Sri Bandyopadhyay, N. Gowripalan, Sami Rizkalla, Piyush Dutta, and Debes Bhattacharyya


ISBN 0-7334-0529-0, 287 pages, 1999, 8 x 11.5, soft cover


  • New developments in composite materials technology from Australia, USA, Canada and other Pacific countries
  • Emphasis on new technology for currently important applications
  • Unique resource of materials technology not available from other sources

The annual ACUN International Conference Meeting features reports on new developments in composite materials technology related to major applications. These application areas include civil engineering structures (infrastructure), automotive and other ground transportation, and industrial structures and equipment. Most of the authors are materials specialists from Australia, Canada and the US, and other Pacific Rim countries.

Sponsors include the Composites Institute of Australia, ASM International, NASA Center for Aerospace Research, the Canadian Association for Composite Structures and Materials, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Copies of the proceedings are now available exclusively from DEStech Publications, Inc.

  • CFRP for Innovative Structures
  • Matrix Resin Chemistry and Its Importance in Determining the Long-Term Properties of High Temperature, Advanced Composites
  • Waste Paper/Polyolefin Thermoplastic Composites
  • Wood Waste-Plastic Composites
  • Linking Applications Needs to Scientific Advances
  • Strengthening of Shear-Damaged Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Bridges with CFRP Strips
  • Evaluation of Loss Factor of CFRP Tendons versus Prestressing Steel Cable
  • Advanced Net-Forming Techniques for Ceramic and Metal Matrix Composites
  • Geometrical and Mechanical Considerations of Fabric Braided Preforms
  • Visual Observation of Surface and Near-Surface Defects in Composites Structures
  • Composites–Working Together to Grow the Industry
  • Mode I and Mode II Interlaminar Fracture of CSR- and LR-Modified Epoxy Resin Composites
  • Impact Behaviour of Syntactic Foam
  • Micro-Macro Studies in Composites and Multi-Phase Materials
  • Recent Developments in Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
  • Behaviour of Composite Materials in the Cold
  • Tailoring Adhesion in Highly Filled Elastomeric Composites
  • The Fundamental Aging Mechanisms and Durability of Composites
  • New IPN Thermosets for Composite Applications
  • Structural Design of a Fibre Reinforced Composite Bridge Deck for Offshore Applications
  • Optimisation of the Resistance Welding Process and Factors Limiting the Size of the Welded Area
  • Manufacturing of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Sheets
  • Dynamic Sensing Using Intelligent Composite: An Investigation to Development of New pH Sensors and Electrochromic Devices
  • WEFT-Knitted Preforms for Advanced Composite Structures Through RTM
  • Resource Based Composite Materials Development Towards Value Addition and Self-Reliance: An Experience
  • Reinforced Glulam
  • Rehabilitation of Structures and Bridges
  • Toughening of Vinyl Ester Resin Composites
  • Diffusion Barrier Coatings for High Temperature Corrosion Resistance of Advanced Carbon/Carbon Composites
  • Latex Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Based on High Styrene Resin
  • Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Applications for Prestressed Concrete Bridges
  • Strength and Failure of Elastomeric Composites
  • Design and Analysis of Fibre Composite Beams for Civil Engineering Applications
  • Design and Manufacturing Issues for Trajectorial Fibre Steering in Composites Structures
  • Rheological Investigations of new IPNs for Composite Applications
  • Monocoque Fibre Composite Truss Joints
  • Atomic Force Microscopy of Multiphase Polymers
  • Fracture Resistance of FRP Laminate Bonded with Concrete
  • ACI Activities Related to FRP
  • Reinforcement-Matrix Interfacial Analysis of the Al2O3(p)-AA6061 Metal Matrix Composite
  • The Development of Small Wind Turbine Blades Using Resin Transfer Moulding

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ISBN 0-7334-0529-0, 287 pages, 1999, 8 x 11.5, soft cover


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