Proceedings of the American Society for Composites 2006-Twenty-First Technical Conference

September 17-20, 2006, Dearborn, MI

Editor: P.K. Mallick
Conference Co-Chairmen: G.T. Kridili, Ronald Kroeger, G. Reyes

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ISBN13: 978-1-932078-60-2, 1-932078-60-6, 2006, single CD-ROM housed in plastic jewel case


  • Important new information on nanocomposites, application, testing and analyses
  • More than 130 reports by materials specialists
  • Fully searchable CD-ROM of full text including all tables and figures (including illustrations)

This fully searchable CD-ROM collection contains 132 original research papers first presented at the Twenty-first technical conference of the American Society for Composites in cooperation with the ASTM Committee D30 on Composite Materials.

Edited by a team under P.K. Mallick of the University of Michigan, this publication covers all phases of emerging trends in polymer, ceramic, and metal matrix composite materials technology, including green composites, nanocomposites, piezeolectrics, and key applications in civil engineering, heat exchange, automotive, aerospace, wind turbines, and construction. Several papers are devoted to education in the field of composite materials.

Papers are grouped under the following headings:
Fatigue and fracture * Impact * Testing * Nanocomposites * Foamed composites * Textile composites * Natural fiber composites * Pressure vessels * Multifunctional composites * Joining * Environmental effects * Analysis * Processing * Automotive/Aerospace * Civil structures * Education * Mechanical properties

The CD-ROM displays figures and illustrations in articles in full color along with a title screen and main menu screen. Each user can link to all papers from the Table of Contents and Author Index and also link to papers and front matter by using the global bookmarks which allow navigation of the entire CD-ROM from every article. Each paper has internal links from figure and table references to view the actual figures and tables and links to all e-mail addresses and URLs mentioned in any paper. Search features on the CD-ROM can be by full text including all key words, article title, author name, and session title. The CD-ROM has Autorun feature for Windows 2000 or higher products along with the program for Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search 5.0. One year of technical support is included with your purchase of the CD-ROM.

You can find out what you need to know fast on hundreds of subjects on this fully searchable CD-ROM. Here are just a few selected key words: organoclays, visocelastic materials, wind turbine, microcellular ceramics, nanomechanics, piezoelectrics, nanoclays, braided textiles, multiscale modeling, jute-epoxy, green composites

Fatigue and Fracture

  • The Influence of Fatigue Cracks on the Modal Vibration Response of Composite Sandwich Beams
  • Composite Skin/Stringer Disbond Analysis using a Shell/3D Modeling Technique
  • New Capabilities for Composite Damage Analysis in ABAQUS
  • Towards an ASTM Standardized Test for Determining GIIc of Unidirectional Laminated Polymeric Matrix Composites
  • Mode I Toughness of a Particulate Interlayered Composite as a Function of Moisture and Temperature
  • Determination of Damage Progression in Notched Non-Traditional Laminates under Tensile Load
  • Laminated Composites with Open-Holes and Accumulated Matrix Damage: Stress Redistribution and Strength Prediction
  • Scaling Effects in Notched Composites Loaded in Tension
  • 3D Mixed-Mode Delamination Fracture Criteria—An Experimentalist’s Perspective
  • Free-Edge Stresses in Unsymmetric Bidirectional Laminates Subjected to Axial Load
  • A Mohr-Coulomb Mechanism Based Failure Criterion for Composite Laminates under Interlaminar Shear and Compression
  • Effect of Embedded Piezoelectric Sensors on Fracture Toughness of Composite Laminates Under Mode I Loading
  • A Finite Element Analysis for Predicting Mode I-Dominated Delamination Growth in Laminated Structure with Through-Thickness Reinforcement

Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels (COPV)

  • Testing of Carbon Fiber Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel Stress-Rupture Lifetime
  • A Theoretical Investigation of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel (COPV) Mechanics Applied to NASA Full Scale Tests
  • Experimental Investigation of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels for Stress Rupture Life
  • Nondestructive Methods Supporting NASA Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel Assessments
  • Reliability Modeling of the Stress-Rupture Performance of Kevlar 49/Epoxy Pressure Vessels: Revisiting a Large Body of Stress Rupture Data to Develop New Insights

Impact/Impact Damage

  • Nondestructive Evaluation of Damage in Composite Structures
  • Impact Damage Resistance of Short Fiber-Reinforced NiTi/A16061-SiC Composite
  • Forceful Measures, Energetic Solutions (Special K. Kedward Honorary Session)
  • Investigation of Adhesively Bonded Graphite-Epoxy Composite Plates Subjected to Impact
  • Modeling of Nano-Particle Colloid/Fabric Composites
  • Compression-After-Impact Strength Estimates for Finite Width Sandwich Panels
  • Characterization of Impact Damage on Hollow Particulate Composites—A Non Destructive Approach

Testing and Evaluation

  • Blast Strength of Glass/Epoxy Composite Plates
  • Hydromat Testing of Sandwich Panels with Orthotropic Face Sheets
  • Evaluating Blood Flow in Plaqued Arteries
  • Low-Cost Non-Destructive Inspection by Simplified Speckle Interferometry


  • Improvement in Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanofiber Filled Carbon-Epoxy Composite
  • Carbon Nanotube Arrays as Harmonic Oscillators
  • Effect of Organoclay on Mechanical Properties of Glass/Epoxy Nanocomposites: Tensile, Flexure and Interlaminar Fracture Properties
  • Modal Analysis of Nanocomposites
  • An Investigation on Energy Absorption of High Performance Nanocomposites under Impact Loading
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation of SWCNT—Polymer Nanocomposite and its Constituents
  • Effect of Fiber Surface Treatments of VGCF Nanofibers on the Damping Properties of VGCF/Polypropylene Nanocomposites
  • Design and Synthesis of Polymer Nanocomposites for Radio Frequency Applications
  • Characterization of Carbon Nanofiber Reinforced Nanocomposites
  • A Mechanistic Evaluation for Composite Nanomechanics
  • Electrospinning of Quantum Dot Nanocomposite Fibers
  • Investigation of Inter-Laminar Failure in Epoxy Composite Hybridized with Alumina Nano-Particles
  • Effect of Post Curing Temperature on Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced SC-15 Epoxy
  • Effect of Carbon Nanotubes Dispersion on the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Resins
  • Effect of Nanoparticles on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Charge Distributions on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by an Atomistic Moment Method
  • Graphite Nanoplatelet (GNP)/Polymer Nanocomposites Based on Potassium-Benzene-Intercalation Compounds
  • Assessment of Effect of End Functionalization of Aligned Nanotubes to Enhance Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity in Joints through Modeling and Characterization

Foamed Composites

  • Microcellular Ceramics Fabricated Through Continuous Extrusion Processing
  • Energy Absorption of Functionally Gradient Syntactic Foams Due to Impact Loading
  • Process Optimization and Characterization of Low Density Polyurethane Foam
  • Low Velocity Impact Response and Residual Strength of Composite Sandwich Structures with Hybrid Syntactic Foam Core
  • Aerogel-Epoxy Resin Syntactic Foams: Processing Parameters and Compressive Properties
  • Hybrid Syntactic Foams for Enhanced Tensile Strength Properties
  • Processing and Performance Evaluation of Syntactic Foams Infused with Nanoclay

Textile Composites

  • A Damage Index to Detect Surface Cracks in Woven Fabric Composite Laminates using Experimental Modal Analysis
  • Measurements of Thermal Conductivity of Triaxial Braided Graphite/Epoxy Composites
  • Simulation of Energy Absorption in Braided Composite Tubes
  • Post-Peak Response of Braided Textile Composites under Compressive Loads
  • Homogenization of 2-D Strengthened Plain Woven Textile Composites using Simple Geometrical Representation
  • Effective Elastic Constants for 2-D Plain Woven Textile Composites using Sub-Cell Block Model

Natural Fiber Composites

  • Long Term Durability of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites in Wet Environments
  • Vegetable Oil-Based Epoxy Resin for Structural Composite Material Manufacturing
  • Surface-Modified Henequen/Polypropylene Biocomposites: E-Beam Intensity Effect on Their Interfacial Strength and Properties
  • Biobased Nanocomposites from Poly(trimethylene Terephthalate) and Organoclays
  • The Effect of Chemical Treatments of Fibers on the Mechanical and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of the Pineapple Leaf Fiber (PALF) Reinforced Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) Laminated Composites
  • High Volume Production of Environmentally Friendly Biocomposites by Sheet Molding Compounding
  • Biodegradable Nanocomposites from Poly(Butylene Succinate) and Organoclay
  • Influence of Fiber Surface Treatment on the Properties of Jute-Epoxy Composites
  • Effect of Bamboo and Kenaf on the Flexural Modulus of Laminated Lightweight Composites
  • Renewable Resource-Based Green Composites from Wood Fibers and Polyhydroxybutyrate-Co-Valerate Bioplastics
  • Effects of MAPP as Coupling Agent on the Performance of Regenerated Cellulose Film Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Multifunctional Composites

  • Analytical and Experimental Characterization of the Mechanical Behavior of s-TCP/PLLA Composites under Tensile and Flexural Loading
  • Micromechanics-Based Design and Processing of Efficient Meso-Scale Heat Exchanger
  • Multifunctional Structures Design and Analysis
  • A Study of Impact Response of Electrified Organic Matrix Composites
  • Piezoelectric Polymer and Ceramic Ultrafine Fibers for Piezocomposite Films
  • Crack Propagation of Embedded Copper Foil in Multifunctional Structural Composite
  • Developing and Tailoring Multifunctional Carbon Foams for Multi-Field Response


  • Analytical and Experimental Characterization of the Effects of Vibration on Relaxation in Composite Bolted Joints
  • Design of Bolted Connections in Sandwich Composites
  • Stress Build-Up in Bonded Composite Patch Repair
  • Environmental Degradation of the Cohesive Strength of Adhesives: Experiments and Numerical Simulation
  • Measurement and Prediction of Strain Fields in Composite Scarf and Step-Lap Joints
  • Function-Oriented Fastener Design for Composite Armor under Ballistic Impact
  • Comparison of Co-Cured Composite Joint Strength under Fatigue Loading
  • Resistance of Adhesively Bonded Composite Lap Joints to Damage by Transverse Ice Impact (Special K. Kedward Honorary Session)
  • Analytical Study of Adhesive Joints and Its Application to Damage Sensing
  • A Macroscopic Joint Finite Element for a Symmetric Double Lap Joint
  • Nondestructive Inspection of Adhesively Bonded Composites: Comparison of Thermal Wave Imaging, Ultrasonic and Radioscopy Methods

Environmental Effects

  • Fiber/Matrix Interphase Degradation in SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite under Humid Environment
  • Prediction of Gas Permeability in Cross-Ply Laminates using Finite Elements
  • Effects of Complete Freeze Thaw on the Flexural Properties of E-Glass/Polymer Pultruded Composite
  • Modeling Thermo-Oxidation in High Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Thermo-Oxidative Degradation of Carbon Fibers for High-Temperature Polymer Matrix Composites
  • Gas Permeability of Composite Laminates for Cryogenic Storage Systems
  • Durability Testing of FRP Material in Low Temperature Weathering Condition


  • Interlaminar Shear Relations for Laminated Composite Beams (Special K. Kedward Honorary Session)
  • Dynamic Analysis of a Deep Hyperbolic Composite Coupling
  • Thermal Analysis of a Corrugated Core Sandwich Panel for Integral Thermal Protection System
  • Damping and Self-Heating Behavior of Misaligned Rotating Flexible Matrix Composite Driveshafts
  • Preliminary Investigation of a Morphing Wing Design Concept Employing Unsymmetrix Cross-Ply Composites Stability
  • A Novel Theory of Damage in Materials with Microstructures
  • A Novel Class of Flexible Pressurisable Composite Structures
  • Isotensoid Related Composite Structures
  • Progressive Failure and Post-Buckling Response of Mid-Plane Symmetric Tapered Composite Plates under Uni-Axial Compression
  • Hierarchical Finite Element Analysis of Curved Composite Beams
  • Global and Local Buckling of a Sandwich Beam: Generalized Analysis
  • Designer Viscoelastic Materials Tailored to Minimize Probabilistic Failures in Composite Columns with Lateral Buckling
  • Post Transition Characterization of a Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF) via Compression-Shear Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (CS-SHPB) Technique
  • Structural Analysis, Design and Subscale Testing of Composite Laminated Armors


  • Drilling Characteristics of an E-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polypropylene Composite
  • Hybrid Composite Laminate Quality Issues using VARTM Fabrication for Use in Wind Turbine Blades
  • A New Model for the VARTM Process Including Progressive Saturation Effects
  • Spring-In, Twist and Bowing: Experimental Assessment and Modelling of Process Induced Stresses and Distortions in Composite Laminates
  • An Experimental Investigation of the VARTM Infiltration Process
  • Design and Manufacture of CFRP Leading Edge using RTM
  • Fabrication of Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites with Pultrusion Technique
  • The Compression Resin Transfer Molding Process for Automotive Composite Components

Automotive/Aerospace Applications

  • Interfacial Fracture Properties of Thermoplastic Composite-Metal Hybrid Laminates Based on Automotive Grade Steels
  • Static and Dynamic Characterization of Sandwich Composites for Automotive Applications
  • Evaluation of Surface Finish of Composites Automobile Panels
  • The Use of the Finite Elements Method for the Calculation of an Aerobatic Aircraft Composite Material Landing Gear

Civil Structures

  • Research and Manufacturing of FRP Sheet Used in Civil Engineering Structure
  • Improved Cathodic Disbondment Performance with HDPE/RET Polymer Blends


  • Trinity Essence for Composite Design (Special K. Kedward Honorary Session)
  • Mechanical Properties of CF/GF Fiber Hybrid Multi-Axial Warp Knitted Fabric Composite Materials

Author Index

9781932078602 1932078606

ISBN13: 978-1-932078-60-2, 1-932078-60-6, 2006, single CD-ROM housed in plastic jewel case


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