Personal Care Products and Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater and the Environment

Frank R. Spellman, Ph.D., Safety Manager (ret.), Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Virginia

978-1-60595-123-2, ©2014, 244 pages, 6×9, soft cover

  • Explains key chemicals from drugs and cosmetics in water and clarifies their risks
  • Covers endocrine disruptors and other biologically active compounds
  • Reviews EPA testing protocols for steroids and hormones

This book surveys current knowledge regarding endocrine disruptors and other hormone-mimicking compounds in the environment as a result of the disposal of cosmetics, drugs, and cleaning agents. The book investigates dozens of biologically active pollutants, describes their physiological effects, and assesses the evidence of their impact on humans and wildlife. Substances treated include phthalates, bisphenol-A, hormones and an array of steroids. Techniques being investigated by the EPA for the detection and analysis of steroids and hormones in water samples are presented. This is a key reference volume for environmental health, risk assessment and water/wastewater technology.

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

1. Setting the Stage
1.1. Introduction
1.2. The Endocrine System
1.3. What are Hormones?
1.4. Endocrine Organs
1.5. Summary
1.6. References and Recommended Reading

2. Endocrine Disruptors
2.1. Introduction
2.2. A Brief History of the Development and Use of Chemicals
2.3. The 411 on Endocrine Disruptors
2.4. Biological Effects
2.5. References and Recommended Reading

3. PPCPs: (Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products)
3.1. The 411 on PPCPs
3.2. Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
3.3. Drug Classes and Environmental Occurrences
3.4. Personal Care Products in the Environment
3.5. Illicit Drugs in Wastewater
3.6. References and Recommended Reading

4. Endocrine Disruptors and PPCPs in Drinking Water
4.1. Sick Water
4.2. EDCs and PPCPs in Drinking Water
4.3. References and Recommended Reading

5. Analytical Methods
5.1. Strategy for Addressing PPCPs in Water
5.2. Methods Development
5.3. References and Recommended Reading


978-1-60595-123-2, ©2014, 244 pages, 6×9, soft cover

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