Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics

Recent Advances and Future Directions

Edited by Rupak Biswas, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division

ISBN: 978-1-60595-022-8, 2010, CD-ROM only

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  • New computational and computer strategies for fluid dynamic problems
  • Applications to military aircraft, space vehicles, propulsion, atmospheric change, solar activity and more

This book has been formatted onto a CD-ROM and comprises sixty previously unpublished and peer-reviewed papers on the theory, problems and applications of computational fluid dynamics as advanced by parallel and supercomputing approaches covering a wide range of computers and configurations, including emergent software, new architectures, peta-flops scale machines and distributed computing grids. The papers were presented originally in 2009 at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Numerous applications of PCFD are discussed including space and military vehicles, as well as energy, explosives, climate change, solar activity and more. Selected key words: meshfree, panel-free, vortex, code, Euler, heterogeneous parallelism, aeroacoustics, exascale, Cartesian mesh, peta-flops, paraelleX, Roadrunner, Jaguar, Pleaiades, synthetic jet, Stokes.

From the editor’s Preface: “CFD is quickly becoming a vital and cost-effective strategy for fundamental research and discovery, engineering design and analysis, and a reliable prediction tool…It is my hope the papers in this book will contribute to the inspiration needed for making the next revolutionary advances in this field.”



  • Enabling Exascale Through ParalleX Paradigm
  • High-Fidelity CFD Simulations of Instabilities, Transition and Turbulence using High-Order Methods and Parallel Computing
  • High Performance Computational Engineering: Putting the ‘E’ Back in ‘CSE’
  • Building-Cube Method: A Block-Structured Cartesian Mesh
  • Approach for Near-Future Peta-Flops Computers


  • CFD—Mature Technology for Space Exploration Mission Support?
  • Time-Accurate Computational Analysis of the Flame Trench Applications
  • Large Scale Parallel Computing and Scalability Study for Surface Combatant Static Maneuver and Straight Ahead Conditions Using CFD Ship-Iowa
  • Adapting the CFDNS Compressible Navier-Stokes Solver to the Roadrunner Hybrid Supercomputer
  • Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions in Reacting Flows: Experiences on the ORNL NCCS Cray-XT Platforms (Jaguar)
  • Large Scale Aerodynamic Calculation on Pleiades
  • On the Performance of the Miranda CFD Code on Multicore Architectures
  • Parallel Performance Evaluation of Helios
  • Analyzing the Performance of Scientific Applications with OpenSpeedShop
  • Parallel and Mesh free: New Frontiers of CFD
  • A Hybrid Open MP-MPI Approach for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  • Parallel Implementation of Panel-Free Boundary Conditions for the Vortex Particle Method
  • DNS of Homogeneous Turbulence Using Vortex Methods Accelerated by the FMM on a Cluster of GPUs


  • Optimization of Synthetic Jet Parameters Over an Elliptical Profile Using Response Surface Methodology
  • Parallel Computations on Three Dimensional Aero-Acoustic Field Pasta Circular Cylinder
  • Aerodynamic Database Generation Using Surrogate Model-Based Adaptive Sampling and Automated Mesh Refinement
  • Parallel Time-Accurate Computations of Dynamic Derivatives
  • Exploring Discretization Error in Simulation-Based Aerodynamic Databases
  • A Hybrid CPU/GPU Parallel Algorithm for Coupled Eulerian and Vortex Particle Methods
  • Numerical Drag Reduction Studies of Generic Truck Models Using Active Flow Control
  • Flow Modeling of Projectile Using an Overset Flow Solver
  • On a Parallel Implementation of the BDDC Method and Its Application to the Stokes Problem
  • Adaptive Aitken-Schwarz Method for Non Separable Operator on Multiprocessor Systems
  • Parallel Performance of the Deflated Conjugate Gradient
  • A Parallel Free Surface Lattice Boltzmann Method for Large-Scale Applications
  • Integrated Hurricane and Overland Flow Modeling in Parallel Platform
  • Porting to Cell/B.E. the Alya System, a High Performance Computational Mechanics Code
  • Using XML with Large Parallel Datasets: Is There Any Hope?
  • Accelerating Clean Coal Gasifier Designs with Hybrid MPI/Open MP High Performance Computing
  • Report on the Development of a Generic Discontinuous Galerkin Framework in .NET
  • Scaling Applications to 100,000 Cores and Beyond on IBM Systems
  • Performance of CFD Applications on NASA Supercomputers
  • A Fast Double Precision CFD Code Using CUDA
  • Acceleration of a CFD Code with a GPU
  • Application of a Kinetic Theory Based Solver of the Euler Equations Using GPU
  • Heterogeneous Parallelism of High-Order Residual Distribution Schemes Using Central and Graphics Processing Units
  • Three-Dimensional Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations of Shock-Driven Turbulent Mixing in Plane and Converging Geometries
  • Large Scale Simulation of Turbulence Using a Hybrid Spectral/Finite Difference Solver
  • Turbulent Flow Around a Wall-Mounted Cube: Direct Numerical Simulation and Regularization Modeling
  • Parallel Simulation of Turbulent Flow Inside an Aspiration Chamber Using Fluent Software
  • Computational Aeroacoustics of a Supersonic Jet Impinging on an Inclined Flat Plate Using High Speed Parallel Computers
  • Parallel Simulations of Acoustic Wave Propagation in a 3-D Spherical Model of the Sun
  • Parallel Adaptive Simulation of Weak and Strong Transverse-Wave Structures in H2-O2Detonations
  • A Parallel Overset Unstructured Grid Method
  • Parallel Performance of ADPDIS3D-—A High Order Multiblock Overlapping Grid Solver for Hypersonic Turbulence
  • Efficiency Enhancement of an Unstructured CFD-Code on Distributed Computing Systems
  • Parallel Poisson Solver for Revolved Unstructured Grids. DNS of the Flow Around a Sphere at Re = 3700
  • Parallel Performance of CFD Applications and the Ubiquitous Need for HPC with High Fidelity, Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization (MDO)
  • Adjoint-Based Adaptive Meshing in a Parallel Setting
  • Parametric Co-Optimization of Lifting Blunt Body Vehicle Concepts for Atmospheric Entry
  • Numerical Modeling of Nonequilibrium Driven Cavity Gas Flow with a High-Order Moment Approach
  • Development of a Virtual Mesh Refinement Algorithm in a Parallel Unstructured-Grid DSMC Code 635
  • Numerical Simulation of Scattering of Helioseismic MHD Waves by Sunspots


  • Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Particle Suspensions Under the Influence of Dynamic Force Fields
  • Application of a Genetic/Artificial Neural Network Algorithm for Optimization of Low Reynolds Number Airfoils
  • Realistic Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations of Turbulent Convection on the Sun

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ISBN: 978-1-60595-022-8, 2010, CD-ROM only

Limited Supply Available

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