Design, Manufacturing and Applications of Composites 2018

Proceedings of the Twelfth Joint Canada-Japan Workshop on Composites

Edited by: Louis Laberge Lebel, Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal, Canada and Asami Nakai, Gifu University, Gifu, Japan

Latest volume in composites series

ISBN: 978-1-60595-568-1, October 2018, 421 pages, 6×9, soft cover


  • important reference book on composites materials manufacturing technologies from Japanese and Canadian researchers
  • advanced manufacturing technologies reports including CFRP and additive manufacturing
  • application areas include aircraft, piping, fasteners and more

Edited by two internationally regarded materials science professors, this book is an important extension of a series presenting composites research from Canada and Japan.





  • In-Situ Monitoring of Strain Distribution of FRP by Rayleigh Scattering-Based Optical Fiber Sensors and Their Applications

Kosaka, Y. Handa and K. Kusukawa

  • A Multifaceted Approach for Process Characterization of Polymer-matrix Composites

Mobuchon, N. Zobeiry, C. Duffner and A. Poursartip

  • Influence of Up- and Down-Cutting Process on Interlaminar Shear Strength of CFRP Plates (abstract only)

Hara, T. Uchida, Y. Watanabe, Y. Urashima, N. Nanami, K. Kuroda, H. Hamada, A. Goto and H. Nakatani



  • Hybrid-fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Rivet

Takahashi, M. Ueda, N. Ui and A. Otani

  • Fastening Composite Structures Using Carbon Fiber/Polyetherimide Rivets

Fortier, F. Lessard and L. Laberge Lebel

  • Optimm Design of Airfoil Stiffeners of CFRP Wing for a Small UAV

Tomiyama, T. Sagimori, T. Kosaka and K. Kusukawa



  • Stochastic Nonlinear Analysis of Composites by First-Order Perturbation Based Homogenization Method

T. Dat and N. Takanao

  • Stress Propagation in a Viscoelastic Composite Structure Subject to Large Deformations

G. Merrett and P. Eng

  • Estimation of R-curve for Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness by Using CFRP Laminates with Fibre Discontinuities

Warabino, H. Nakatani and K. Osaka

  • Fatigue Modeling for Intra-laminar Damage of Composite Materials Based on Continuum Damage Mechanics

Aoki and T. Yokozeki

  • Progressive Failure Prediction of a Bonded Composite Component

Li and G. Li



  • Evaluation of Damage Development and Damping Characteristics for Woven Composites Under Tensile Loading

Kurata, K. Mukoyama, T. Kurashiki, Y. Nakanishi, X. Li, K. Hanaki, K. Kusudo and T. Katayama

  • An Estimation of Material Damping Properties for Polyarylate Woven Fabric Composites

Suzuki, K. Matsumoto and Y. Nakanishi

  • Large Deformation Behavior of Angle-Plied CFRP Laminates by Inserting PA Mesh as Interlayer

Ueda, H. Nakatani and K. Osaka



  • Development of TiB2/Steel Composites with High Thermal Conductivity

Sasaki, K. Nogichi and K. Sugio

  • Effect of Tailored Fiber Placement Parameters on Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composite

Gendreau, M-C. Bélanger, J. Lévesque and L. Laberge Lebel

  • Evaluation of Breakdown Current Density of Carbon Nanotube Sheets and Their Composites for Lightning Strike Protection

Ashrafi, J. Crodua, K. Laqua, D. Park, M. B. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez-Rubi, B. Simard and A. Yousefpour

  • Fabrication and Testing of Electrically Conductive Layerwise-Hybrid CFRP for Lightning Strike Application

Manomaisantiphap, V. Kumar and T. Yokozeki

  • Research of Aramid/CF Hybrid Composite Material

Matsushita, M. Kitamura, S. Nojima, Y. Komaki and H. Hamada

  • Development of Commingled Yarn for Textile Thermoplastic Composites

Motochika and M. Takagi



  • Energy Absorption Properties of Braided Glass Fiber Rod-Reinforced Carboard Panels

Y. Fortin, E. A. Elbadry and H. Hamada

  • Estimation of Mechanical Characterization of Woven CFRTP Under Tensile Loading Based on Acoustic Emission

Kinoshita, T. Kurashiki, K. Mukoyama, K. Hanaki, M. Zako, X. Li and S. V. Lomov

  • Non-destructive Thermographic Inspection of Multilayer Dry Fiber Reinforcement Stacks for Polymer Composites

Robitaille, H. Zhang, J. Ocana Martins, C. Primeau, C. U. Grosse, C. Ibarra-Castanedo, Sfarra and X. P. V. Maldague



  • Real-time Optimization of Cure Process of Thick FRP Plates

Suka, K. Deguchi, T. Kosaka and K. Kusukawa

  • Achieving Structural Health Monitoring Using Additive Manufacturing

Schiavone, I. T. Garces, G. W. Melenka and C. Ayranci

  • The Essentials of the Training Kit to Improve Trimming Skills in the Autoclaved CFRP Products (abstract only)

Norimichi Nanami, Toshikazu Uchida, Yosuke Watanabe, Katsuyuki Hara, Koji Kuroda, Hiroyuki Hamada, Akihiko Goto and Hayato Nakatani



  • Evaluation of Influence of Molding Conditions on Process-Induced Strain of Reinforcements of GFRP by FEM Analysis and In-Situ Strain Measurement

Kawakami, H. Yamasaki, T. Kosaka and K. Kusukawa

  • Improving Filament Winding Productivity by Multiple Feeds




  • Additive Manufacturing Bio-based Filaments Reinforced with Cellulose Nanocrystals

Garces, E. Aznarte, T.-D. Ngo, G. W. Melenka and C. Ayranci

  • Effect of Silane-induced Interphase on Mechanical Properties of GFRP

Ikuta, T. Morii and A. Ohnishi

  • Composite Springs Made by 4D Printing

Suong Van Hoa, Manmohan Singh Gill and Daniel Rosca



  • Damage Behavior of CFRP/Titanium Mesh Laminates Under Three-point Bending Loading

Sei, H. Nakatani and K. Osaka

  • Compressive Mechanical Property of Braided CFRTP Pipe at Elevated Temperatures

Hori, H. N. Tran, K. Goto, T. Uozumi and A. Nakai

  • Initial Fracture of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Polyamide Composite

Imai, K. Nishitani, D. Zhao, Z. Xu, Y. Ma, T. Sugahara and H. Hamada

  • Solvent-Case 3D Printing and Secondary Metallic Infiltration for Highly Dense Metallic Structures (abstract only)

Chao Xu, Arslane Bouchemit, Gilles L’Espérance, Louis Laberge Lebel and Danile Therriault

  • Evaluation of Resin Impregnation Behavior in Thick FRP with Corner During VaRTM Process

Nakamura, H. Nakatani and K. Osaka

  • Effect of Molding Condition on Mechanical Properties of FRP by RTM (abstract only)

Hirai and A. Nakai

  • Influence of Needle Punch Density on Mechanical Properties of Jute/Glass Hybrid Composites

Nishitani, Y. Imai, S. Nojima and H. Hamada

  • Production of Flax Polypropylene (Flax/PP) Injection Moldable Pellets for Automotive Applications Using Pultrusion (abstract only)

Nawaf Alsinani and Louis Laberge Lebel

  • Investigation of Preheating Conditions for Various Base Material in Hybrid Molding (abstract only)

Funahashi and A. Nakai

  • Stiffness Reduction Resulting from Matrix Cracking in FRP Laminates

J. Mohammad Fikry, Shinji Ogihara and Vladimir Vinogradov

  • Flame Attack on Protected Carbon/epoxy Laminates—Small-scale Material Screening for Potential Use as Aircraft Powerplant Firewalls (abstract only)

Pablo Chávez Gómez, Tanja Pelzmann, Louis Laberge Lebel and Étienne Robert

  • Bending Formability on Molded Continuous FRTP Pipe (abstract only)

Banno, K. Chikada and A. Nakai

  • Development of Bending Process for Composite Pipe During Molding Process (abstract only)

Masaoki Yagi, Masaki Ohishi and Asami Nakai

  • Modelling 3D Interlock Fabrics Using Elliptic Yarn Section with Quadrant-parametric Equations (abstract only)

Julien Brazeau-Séguin and Louis Laberge Lebel

  • Metal-to-thermoplastic Adhesion Improvement in a Resistance Welded Composite Joint (abstract only)

Vincent Rohart, Louis Laberge Lebel and Martine Dubé

  • The Effect of Molding Condition on Properties of Pultruded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

Wongsriraksa and A. Nakai

  • Building a Model to Understand the High Performance Fiber Fuzz Created by Yarn and Pulley Interactions During Textile Processing (abstract only)

Boris Burgarella and Louis Laberge Lebel


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ISBN: 978-1-60595-568-1, October 2018, 421 pages, 6×9, soft cover



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