Catholic School Administration

Theory, Practice, Leadership 2nd Edition, Revised and Expanded

Robert H. Palestini, Saint Joseph’s University

ISBN: 1-885432-44-5, 346 pages, 6×9, Softcover, ©2008

  • The leading comprehensive guide for Catholic school principals
  • Fully revised and expanded 2nd edition
  • New material on curriculum, instruction, testing, development, fundraising, federal regulations
  • Discusses school management fundamentals: from budgeting to recruitment

This second edition of the highly influential text, Catholic School Administration, has been greatly enlarged and improved with new chapters on curriculum improvement, supervision of instruction, ways to assess testing—as well as new information on marketing, human resources, and student recruitment.

Based on principles drawn from Ignatius to Vatican II, as well as concepts from current educational and social theorists, the book combines the best ideas for leading and decision-making with detailed practical presentations of the managerial tasks that must be mastered to run a parochial school. Case studies and surveys provide extra guidance.

For readers seeking to make organizational and instructional improvements, this text offers proven techniques for systematic change. It is an outstanding resource for introducing administrators to the challenges of running a Catholic school.

1. The Primacy of Catholic Identity and Culture
Development Plan * Seven Norms for Catholic School Leaders * Diagnostic Checklist
2. A Catholic Leadership Model
Transformational * Ignatian Vision of Leadership * Implications for Administration
3. Leading with Mind and Heart
Employee Owners * Teamwork * Employees as Volunteers * Signs of Heartlessness
4. Fiduciary, Institutional Development, Marketing, Legal Responsibilities
Accounting Duties * Fundraising Strategies * Case Studies * Student Recruitment
5. Dealing with Student Diversity
Special Education * Multiculturalism * Case Studies
6. Curriculum Development and Supervision of Instruction
Constructivist Approach * Professional Development * Technology * Supervision of Teachers
7. Assessment of Learning
Authentic * Curriculum Alignment * Standardized Tests * Guidelines for Tests/Testing
8. Human Resource Development
Human Resource Planning * Recruitment * Induction * Performance Appraisal
9. The Unique Structure of Catholic Schools
Organizational Structure * Theories of Organization * Implications for Catholic Schools
10. Motivating Faculty and Staff
Motivational Theories * Work Redesign * Career Ladders * Merit Pay
11. Effective Communication
Encoding * Feedback * Interpersonal * Improving * Assertive* External Communication
12. Managing Conflict in a Catholic School Setting
Levels of Conflict * Stages * Interacting Groups * Conflict Resolution * Bargaining
13. Decision Making and Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning Process * Steps * Diagnostic Checklist
14. Effecting Change in Catholic Schools
Models of Change * Implementing Organizational Change * Evaluating
15. Catholic Education in the New Century
Emerging Models of Urban and Suburban Catholic Schools

ISBN: 1-885432-44-5, 346 pages, 6×9, Softcover, ©2008

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