Book 1: Iron Palm Fundamentals

Grandmaster Brian Gray

ISBN: 978-1-932078-89-3, July 2008, 110 pages, 7×10, sc


This is the conditioning book. The book details how to condition the hand to withstand pressure of Iron Palm strikes, the changing process that gives a practitioner a deadly palm, as well as the physics for breaking objects. Also outlines how to avoid the pitfalls of training with fraudulent teachers and the damage from improper training.



Chapter 1—History

  • Martial Arts Evolved in China
  • The Value of Herbal Knowledge
  • Beware of Those Hiding Behind Lineage Charts
  • Best Iron Palm Method

Chapter 2—Conditioning the Palm

  • The Superior Iron Palm Method
  • Iron Palm Training
  • Dried Peas
  • Hand Conditioning Positions
  • Apply Liniment
  • How May Liniments Are Necessary?
  • The Conditioning Routine
  • How Often Should You Condition?
  • Keeping the Hand Charged
  • Training Hazards
  • Correct Age to Start Conditioning

Chapter 3—How to Break Solid Objects

  • Why Break Boards and Bricks?
  • To Understand Advanced Breaking, Master the Fundamentals
  • Wood
  • Breaking Solid Quantity Versus Stacked Quantity
  • Imitation is No Substitute for Real Knowledge
  • Brick
  • Marble Blocks
  • Stone
  • Hands and Feet
  • The Nine Principles of Breaking

Chapter 4—Fraudulent Breaking Methods

  • Master is More than Just Being Able to Break
  • Palm Heel Strike is Not Iron Palm
  • The Ninja Mystique

Chapter 5—Striking with the Iron Palm

  • Levels of Intensity while Striking
  • Grandmaster Gray’s Appearance on ABC-TV’s “Evening Magazine”
  • Selective Breaking
  • Preserving the Integrity of the Art
  • There Is No Need for Secrecy in the Iron Palm

Chapter 6—Dark Cults and the Martial Arts

  • A Never Before Published Article
  • Do Cults Exist in the Martial Arts?

Chapter 7-—Times I’ve Used My Iron Palm

  • How Do We Know What Is Effective?
  • Skills from Real Life Battles Are Important
  • The Power of the Iron Palm is No Exaggeration
  • My Days as a Bouncer

Chapter 8—Warnings From an Iron Palm Master

  • Why I Wrote My First Book
  • Use Only Proven Liniments
  • Why I Stay Involved

Chapter 9—Iron Palm Injuries

  • The Dangers of Improper Training
  • Slapping a Concrete Slab
  • Breaking Too Large a Stack
  • Simple Training Rules

Chapter 10—Questioning Iron Palm Practices

  • There is Nothing Wrong with a Proper and Polite Question
  • Know Your Formula
  • Do You Want to be a Magician or a Martial Artist?
  • Poisonous and Non-Poisonous Iron Palm
  • Final Warning

ISBN: 978-1-932078-89-3, July 2008, 110 pages, 7×10, sc


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