Biomonitoring of Polluted Water

Environmental Research Forum Volume 9

Editor: A. Gerhardt, LimCo International


ISBN: 0-87849-845-1, ©2000, 320 pages, 6.75 x 9.5, Soft cover


  • Reviews of key topics and recent developments in biomonitoring of water pollution
  • In-depth reports by biomonitoring specialists from around the world

From the editor’s preface:

“Biomonitoring has become a scientific tool during the last few decades and is now part of administrative practice. [Recent contributions] mark the considerable progress made in biomonitoring in recent times-such as the development of rapid assessment methods, the incorporation of models into biomonitoring programs, and the use laboratory techniques in the field, such as online biomonitors.”

The 12 reports prepared for this volume provide a review of current methods and applications as well as research-based information on recent developments. The reports were prepared by biomonitoring specialists from around the world (including the US), providing a broad range of insights and data. The information will aid environmental scientists focused on water-borne pollution.

List of Authors


  • Biomonitoring for the 21st Century
  • Design of a National Programme for Monitoring and Assessing the Health of Aquatic Ecosystems, with Specific Reference to the South African River Health Programme


  • Cellular, Histological and Biochemical Biomarkers
  • Biomonitoring with Morphological Deformities in Aquatic Organisms
  • Recent Trends in Online Biomonitoring for Water Quality Control


  • Groundwater Biomonitoring


  • Protozoa in Polluted Water Biomonitoring
  • Crustaceans as Bioindicators
  • Biomonitoring and Ecotoxicology: Fish as Indicators of Pollution-Induced Stress in Aquatic Systems
  • Submerged Bryophytes in Running Waters, Ecological Characteristics and their Use in Biomonitoring
  • Biomonitoring using Aquatic Vegetation
  • The Use of Aquatic Macrophytes in Monitoring and in Assessment of Biological Integrity

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ISBN: 0-87849-845-1, ©2000, 320 pages, 6.75 x 9.5, Soft cover


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