Action Now

Transforming Schools Through Community

Rebecca Wheat, Ed.D., St. Mary’s College of California

978-1-60595-232-1, March 2016, 72 pages, 6×9, soft cover

  • Shows how your school can become a community school and how this improves staff morale, building atmosphere and learning for all
  • Based on urban and suburban districts serving students from many backgrounds

This concise, practical volume focuses on techniques school administrators use for involving local citizens in public schools, in order to create and cultivate what the author terms “community schools,” schools procedurally and structurally interacting with the broad range of people they serve. Based on interviews with working principals and teachers, many in urban districts, the text presents ideas for transforming a typical neighborhood school into a true community center with readily applicable techniques such as forging networks and enlisting/retaining neighborhood leaders and families for school improvement initiatives. It documents how becoming a community school leads to improvements in staff morale, building atmosphere and instruction.

PART 1. Introduction

  • The Method
  • Principals Tell Their Maya Angelou Stories
  • Be Visible
  • Respect Diversity
  • Curriculum Matters
  • Leverage Your Resources
  • Support Your Teachers
  • Listen to Parents
  • Listen to Staff
  • Principals Need Ways to Help Create Consensus
  • Other Ideas that Enhance Community Schools
  • A Toxic Environment

PART 2. A Visit with Romy

  • Dan’s Classroom
  • Helpful Ideas

PART 3. Community Schools that Work

  • Jose’s Story
  • Annie’s Story
  • Ted’s Story
  • Active Involvement
  • Learning About All Programs at Your Site
  • Figure Out Ways to Bring People Together
  • Focusing on Children
  • Parent Advocates
  • Family Nights
  • Ways to Make a Community School Work
  • The Big, Big Picture
  • Oakland, California from the Cradle to the Career
  • Berkeley, California: The 20/20 Plan
  • Jeffrey Canada
  • Funding
  • Think Big and Align Resources
  • Community Schools Saving Money
  • Final Thoughts
  • Responsibility
  • Caring for Plants and Animals
  • Sand Trays
  • Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Educators Are Powerful

About the Author

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    Dr. Wheat issues a passionate message to school leaders focused on creating a governance structure in the school setting that works for both the social service component and the academic program. Strategies are shared through current principals telling their stories of how they have transformed their schools through relationship building and actively engaging all stakeholders. Action Now is a great read for leaders who want to create positive and productive community schools from within!

    Marsha Tokuyoshi
    ELA and Administrative Leadership Program Coordinator
    Contra Costa County CA. Office of Education

978-1-60595-232-1, March 2016, 72 pages, 6×9, soft cover

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