1st International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring for Railway System (IWSHM-RS 2016)

Proceedings of the First International Workshop, October 12–14, 2016

Edited by: Jun Wang, Yunshuang Ma and Fu-Kuo Chang

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• Investigates structural health monitoring (SHM) design, sensors, networks, data analysis, and modeling for trains and rail infrastructure
• Health monitoring tied to condition-based maintenance and big data for railroad operation and safety
• Optical, ultrasonic, Fiber-Bragg grating, MEM sensors in wired and wireless networks
• Guide to monitoring train engines, freight and passenger cars, rails and rail bed, bearings, materials, welds, motors and more
• Strategies for train, subway, trams and trolley systems

Research on applying structural health monitoring to railways is now available on DEStech Publications’ web site. The focus of the research investigations is how SHM technologies are used to determine the condition of virtually every component of a rail line, including rolling stock, motors, track, ballast, coupling, welds, and bearings—as well as infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels. The objective is to demonstrate how SHM sensors, signaling, and networks can best be deployed to diagnose and predict materials’ properties throughout a rail system, with a view to improving operational safety, controlling variables like vibration, and facilitating condition-based maintenance based on local and big data. Papers discuss a range of EMU equipment, as well as advanced high-speed lines, and MagLev trains.

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• Local Damage Detection for Railroad Track NDE using Multi-channel MFL Sensor
• Structures for Reducing the Loco Vibration
• Research Development of Energy-absorption Structure for Railway Vehicles for Proceedings
• Study on the Strategy of Structure Health Monitoring on Chinese Railway Freight Car
• Study on Fast Inspection Method for Car Body of Railway Vehicle Welded by Laser Overlapped Thin Steel Plates with Lamb Wave
• Research on Forecast and Alert Model for Journal Temperature of EMU
• Electrical Simulation Analysis and Test Research of Railway Vehicles
• Research and Application of Task Based Equipment In the Process of EMU Train Automatic Test
• Application of Ultrasonic Inspection Technology to Measure the Air-tightness of Inter-city EMU
• Application Method of HKS Intelligent Welding Monitoring System on CRH380 High Speed EMU Bogie
• The Monitoring of Long-Term Settlement of the Infrastructure and Vehicle-Caused Dynamic Response in Urban Rail Transit and Their Analysis
• Online Intelligent Identification of Resistance Spot Welding Quality Based on HMM for Stainless Steel Body of Metro Vehicle
• Effects of Ultrasonic Vibration on Weld Appearance and Microstructure of FSW of Aluminum Alloy
• Structural Health Monitoring of Aluminum Alloy Carbody of High-speed EMU


• Design and Fabrication of MEMS Fluxgate Current Sensor with High Reliability and Low Cost for Train Health Monitoring
• Strain Monitoring of Fiber Reinforced Composites Based on Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Sensor
• Process Monitoring of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites using Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Sensors
• Feasibility of a Capacitive Strain Sensor for Fatigue Crack Detection of Steel Bridges
• A New Omni-directional Dual-mode Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer for Ultrasonic Lamb Waves Inspection of Plate Structure
• Excitation and Reception of Shear Horizontal Waves by using Face-shear Mode Piezoelectric Ceramics
• High-Performance Distributed Brillouin Optical Fiber Temperature/Strain Sensors and Their Applications in Structure Health Monitoring
• Intrinsic Self-Sensing Concrete for Smart Infrastructures
• Longitudinal Additional Force Testing Method for Continuous Welded Rail With Hetero-Cladding FBG Strain Sensor
• Automated Health Monitoring of Rail Cars and Railroad Bridges Using Embedded Sensors
• Advanced Transducers for Remote Sensing and Structural Health Monitoring


• Application of IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless Sensor Network on Low Power Consumption Train
• Troubleshooting of a Sheathed Thermocouple Type of Temperature Sensor
• Integrated Structural Health Monitoring Technology
• Key Parameters Analysis of Urban Rail Transit Sensor Networks
• Applications of Distributed Fibre Optics Sensing to Railway Industry
• Condition Monitoring, Detector Data and Information Architecture in North America
• In-Situ Monitoring of Integrity of Train Bolster Through Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System
• Sensor Network Design Technique for Monitoring Railroad Structures
• Monitoring System of Bottom Door Under Locking Status


• CNT-based Multifunctional Concrete for High Speed Railway


• Signal Acquisition and Analysis for Rail Steel Flaw Based Laser Ultrasonic Method
• Information Fusion about Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on SVM and D-S Evidence Theory
• Weak Bearing Fault Diagnosis with Optimized Morlet Wavelet and Kurtosis
• Delamination Detection of Composite Plate Base on Wavelet Correlation Damage Index of Time Reversal Guided Wave
• Vibration Failure Analysis and Vibration Reduction Scheme for Traction Converter Control Cabinet of Locomotive
• Use of WLI and FBG Technique to Monitor the Residual Strains of Concrete Caused by Freeze-Thaw Damage
• Fault Analysis and Detection Method of the EMU Traction Motor
• Applications of Laser-Based Ultrasonic Testing Technique on Nondestructive Testing and Structure Health Monitoring
• Some FBG-Based Damage Identification Techniques Applicable to Structural Health Monitoring for High-Speed Trains
• Research and Experiment on the Vehicle and Guideway Coupling Relationship of High-speed Maglev Train in the Curve Negotiation
• Diagnosis Technology Investigation on High-Speed EMU Axle-box Bearings with Local Damages
• Vibration based Static Monitoring of Rolling Element Bearing in High Speed Trains
• Extracting Defective Features from Noisy Guided-waves Signals that are Reflected by the Defects Located Inside the Concrete-covered Section of a Pipe
• Design of a Structural Health Monitoring System Based-On PZTs and Lamb Waves


• Study on Assessment of Ballast Condition Using Tracking Loading Vehicle and Ground Penetrating Radar
• The Research on Life Prediction Method of Safety Relay
• Study on the Way of Ensuring Ride Stability of Railway Freight Cars
• Research on Reliability Modeling for Railway Track Facility-Segment-Line Systems
• Development of Wagon Condition-Based Maintenance System Based on Big Data Analysis-Services Platform
• Research on Detection of Rail Temperature Stress Using Rail Vibration Characteristics
• Research on Prediction Models of Track Geometric Irregularity
• Research on Health Management Methods of the PEM Fuel Cell Locomotive Based on the Voltage Uniformity
• Full Life Management of the Electrical Components Based on Safe Running of EMU
• The Study on the Influence of Toe Load on the Failure of Railway Fastening System in a Thailand MRT Project
• Multiple Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis of Chinese Train Control Systems
• Research on Integrated Monitoring Display System of the Train
• The Train Structural Health Monitoring System Based on Internet+
• Sleep Monitoring System for Railway Drivers
• Fault Diagnosis, Life Prediction and Maintenance Decision Based Train Monitoring Data
• Study of EMU Train Prognostic and Health Management System Based on Big Data Technology
• A Four Step Method for Railway Operators to Implement Condition Based Maintenance Effectively
• Railway Condition Monitoring, Present and Future
• A Certifiable Framework for Maintenance Strategy including CBM
• Research on High-speed Train Intelligent Prognostics and Health Management System
• Application of Improved Reliability and Technique Centered Maintenance in the Reliability and Healthy Management for Equipment in High Speed Railway
• Bondline Degradation Monitoring and Remaining Strength Estimation via an Electromechanical Impedance-Based Method
• Intelligent Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System


• Structural Health Monitoring System for a High-Speed Railway X-Arch Bridge using Wireless Networks
• Vibration Characteristics Analysis of the Maglev Vehicle – Switch
• An Applied Research on Reliability Evaluation in the Train Network System
• The Detecting System of Train Derailment
• FEM Simulation Study for Damage Acoustic Emission Signals on Composite Laminated Plate
• In-situ Fatigue Damage Detection for Railway Structures Using Nonlinear Ultrasonic Guided Waves
• Verification of Snow Model for Particle Simulation for Train Safety
• Extreme Function Theory for Novelty Detection: A Case Study for Vehicles–Guideway System
• FBG Temperature Sensor Data Processing System Based on LabVIEW
• Numerical Simulations of Railroad Track Damage Characterization using Non-Contact Tomography
• Integrating Cost into Rail Wheel Maintenance
• Recent Advances in Industrial Big Data Analytics and Cyber-Physical Systems for High-speed Railway Transportation Systems
• High Speed Mobile Thermal Scanning for Qualitative Defect Detection on Underside of a Flat Plate
• Study on the Dynamic Response and Reasonable Design Parameters on Bottom of Tunnel Structure under Heavy Loading
• Develop a Concept of Operations for Railroad SHM System


• Advance of Safety in Japanese Railways; Teachings from Accidents and R/D of New Safety Technologies
• Evaluation of Sensing Technologies on Railway Vehicles – with Focus on Optical Sensors
• Campaign Monitoring of Railroad Bridges using Wireless Smart Sensors
• Reliable Quantification of the Performance of SHM Systems
• Field Investigation into the Dynamic Response of Steel Sleepers

978-1-60595-371-7, ©2016, Online eBook


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