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Welcome to ultimateironpalm.com, a web site offering you four books comprising Grandmaster Brian Gray's Ultimate Iron Palm Series.

The four books of this Ultimate Iron Palm Series are divided according to a process of development aimed at helping the student become the total Iron Palm practitioner. These books should be followed in order, studied thoroughly and patiently practiced. The outcome will be genuine.

Book 1—Iron Palm Fundamentals
In this book, I deal with how to condition the hand to withstand the pressure of Iron Palm strikes, the changing process that gives a practitioner a deadly palm, as well as the physics for breaking solid objects. I also give vital information on how to avoid the pitfalls of training with someone who is self-taught or totally fraudulent. The damage to the practitioner who trains improperly is a danger I want people to avoid, so I spend considerable time warning students away from frauds. This is the conditioning book.

Book 2—Advanced Iron Palm
The second book deals with learning how to intensify the potential in the student's striking skills. It also deals with the differences between external and internal breaking theories. This is the book that teaches how to make my famous Iron Palm liniment. No Iron Palm practitioner would be complete without this knowledge.

Book 3—Applied Iron Palm
This book begins with a slight review of what the student should, by now, be versed in, theories, answers to questions, discoveries that might need reviewing in light of earlier learning. So, I begin by reiterating and expanding on the previous knowledge gained from the first two books, then I move into applying this knowledge. Many people erroneously think that the Iron Palm is all about breaking bricks, and nothing could be a greater distortion of the truth. One begins by conditioning to be able to take the pressure of breaking bricks, then learns to break bricks, then . . . this knowledge must be translated into how to use that same palm in self defense. Without the ability to apply this skill in a self-defense situation, the hand is deadly, but like a blind dragon.

Book 4—Iron Palm Form
There has never been a form for the Iron Palm. There is a reason for that which is contained in this book. I created an Iron Palm form so that martial artists and non-martial artists would be able to practice self-defense techniques that coordinate perfectly with the Iron Palm theories. Regardless of a person's training level or martial art style, this form gives theory and application a three-dimensional practice regimen.

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